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  1. Hi! Maybe his name is Dominic Nutt. ( http://malecelebnews.com/2015/06/18/dominic-nutt-et-al-for-tommy-hilfiger-underwear/ )
  2. Iarnailiel


    Help me please! Who is he?
  3. Iarnailiel


    Who is he? Cute!
  4. Welcome in the club :D Thank a lot \o/ *q*
  5. I don't like tumblr. Why not use names? :< Who is he?
  6. Oh, thank you this image is very confusing :S
  7. He's not like I'd hoped .S I thank you your help \o/
  8. Thank you, he is amazing \o/ *-* Second question: who is he:
  9. Woaaaah \oo/ In the first pic that I have seen him I believe I can see Jon Kortajarena, It was a little pic. \o/
  10. Iarnailiel

    I don't

    I don't know he is a model or actor or musician, I just found this pic in tumblr, but he is beautyfull *-*
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