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  1. Happy Birthday and 5 stars for you ^_^

  2. why didnt i post it? or why did i delete all my pics? lol didnt post the pic cuz i was too lazy to save it and what not.. deleted the pics cuz i dont need them i guess...no point for me to have them...i kept a couple...but thats it
  3. i found a pic of her somewhere...pretty sure i hadnt seen it...but i dont exactly come on here anymore...and i deleted all my images of her
  4. Happy Birthday! -throws confetti everywhere.- Hehe.

  5. got bored...heres some of my faves plus a coule old ones [attachme t=613205:voguebrasil0301.jpg] [attachmen =613219:prettyraica.jpg]
  6. Im doing good...I should be trying to get into modeling again when i actually have time to be in LA ha...my school is too far from it to make a real effort. Im on here every once in awhile i just dont post how are you? i cant lie, i dont know anything that raica is working on these days haha
  7. sweet lady should use her connections to help me out haha
  8. good choice on picking raica as your favorite ...and yeah she is pretty amazing
  9. oh nice...i remember i asked her aganecy if i could make an official site for her once ha
  10. Raica is too cute...theres one pic i absolutely loved back there but im too lazy to find it
  11. doctor_d

    I Am...

    I am waiting for people to look at my pics i just posted in art and literature...
  12. Raica is still the best...good new pics
  13. love the new pics...shes so gorgeous
  14. well it depends sweet lady...if shes nude and exposed then theres no difference, if she covered by her arm or leg in "those areas" then its not something i consider naked...artistic as opposed to erotic.
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