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  1. I've another friend that also uses him for this
  2. uffffffff!!!! Ophelia, so difficult *thinking* hahahahaha I was joking Blackwood Farm -> Mona's Nick (Dunno with but I hate Mona, Quinn is MINE!! and Lestat, and Louis and... every vampire XD) Thanks IrenistiQ!!!!
  3. Thanks everybody ^^ michael, are you spanish?? and you Lyon???
  4. Nightmare

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    Cradle of Filth - Swansong for a Raven
  5. Jussi... Jussi... *nose bleeding* and my husband Jyrki??? XD I love Mr & Mr 69 (LOOOOOOOOL need a slap)
  6. OMG I'm myself or in a lot of photos he looks so... Armand?? you know?? Anee Rice's Character the eternal guy, the death with an angel's face
  7. Hell-O everybody!!! My name is Aleida, I'm from Spain and I'm really nice to meet you XD Well, I dunno how I can tell about myself... ehm... *thinking* I like the gothic music and style (I'm listening Cradle of Filth right now), I like write and I love books, Baudelaire, Edgar Allan Poe, Anne Rice... I'm absolutly crazy XD (LOOOOOL) and sorry me If I write something wron T_T my english isn't so brillant So nice to meet you!! I'll go to tidy my room Kisses!!!
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