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  1. My Bro's B-day is 4 days before mine so he gave me something he got that he didn't want... turned out to be some belgian Chocolate thing... unknown to him his Mrs' had already opened them and started eating.... So I got a half eaten box of second hand minging chocolate... that's pretty bad !!
  2. Because nobody has noticed him yet...
  3. Not really a competition is it... should have put Miss Alba up against someone like Halle Berry or something.... Not bloody What's her face Simpson
  4. Doesn't know that I'm not drinking
  5. I like most kids.... but I couldn't eat a whole one. Why do people do that, on the application it says "Any convictions"... which basically means that if you do then your screwed. They lie and go through all the traininng only to get fired... tw@ts !!
  6. Yeah I just don't see the point in putting "OK" in every thread... and "She's beautiful" in all the model threads... WHY WHY WHY... we frickin know their fine, we post PICS !!! Anyway, where you bin ?? Aint seen you on here chatting shit for a while.
  7. I need to see that movie... I still haven't seen it yet !! I hope Alba is as fine as she is in my dreams... Watched Crocodile Dundee 2 last night, my god some of the old films are still quality today..!!
  8. I don't think it's possible to mistake Bianca for anyone else... she's just got something amazing about her face.... I'm going for the lips.... or could it be Eyes.... maybe cheeks.... Hmmm..... *Go's away to ponder*
  9. Looks a little like Tay Diggs but I'm not sure...
  10. Get's some credit for liking Models... but not a lot
  11. Shit post there IrenistiQ... pointless post.
  12. {name}

    I Am...

    Finished my work completely already, I've got and hour to kill... wondering what to do... ?
  13. "How am I supposed to live without you" Michael Bolton " Hero" and " I can't live" Maria Carey
  14. Watched King Arthur again last night.... god I love that film !!
  15. Frickin hell, getting Nerdier by the minute... Yep... I'm in !!
  16. Brit ... I don't think she looks too much like Kate Moss.... and anyway air-brushing can make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like Kate moss She's in the English paper again today... she's Super Super Super thin... I love it !!
  17. Nine hundred thousand just for the comedy of it !!
  18. Lazy.... that's all you got???? You got to be joking... I expected you to be in here all the time!!
  19. Heard something about age the other day that made me laugh, as a put down to old women.... When talking to a really old woman..... "If only I were 10 years old....... you'd probably be dead"
  20. Happy B-day Sonia and let me be the first to say this now your 16 in typical Joey style "How you doin?"
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