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  1. You are very brave and generous - thank you
  2. No it's the best and most complete Christy iconography! don't have time to check it all the time but I do several times a year. Please keep it!
  3. Been following your site for a few years, great great work! Did you cancel the updates page? It was very useful to spot new pix. Cheers!!!
  4. Nice outtakes from 1985 in Sante D'Orazio's IG page: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUIIRPBgJBX/
  5. Have a look at Kurt Markus Instagram, he's publishing really gorgeous outtakes with Christy, wish we could see them HQ.
  6. on of her most beautiful editorials !
  7. I like Vadukul but this shoot isn't one of her best in the last years
  8. Very nice interview and pictures in last weekend's FT https://www.ft.com/content/e19a3484-70ec-11e9-bf5c-6eeb837566c5
  9. Thanks for those runway pictures!
  10. Newsstands are closing one after another, Vogue Japan doesn't arrive in my country anymore and sellers argue it's because press doesn't sell anymore! But when you see prices it's inevitable! And yes, then we're left with ebay.. I tried to order the ID issue on their website but they charge double the price for shipping, ridiculous... I also have quite a collection but I also wonder about the future. Paper is so fragile. I heard there's a guy in the UK who has gathered a huge magazine collection, and I think he's willing to accept donations so don't throw it away!
  11. i'm a collector too but this time i'll skip it. too much for me.
  12. that issue with Christy's cover is impossible to find , and the iD online shop charges a fortune for shipping :((( Anyone seen it yet in real? I'm sick of these expensive magazines issuing 10 different covers that are impossible to find...
  13. I'm looking for HQ of her album pictures by Richard Corman, I think they're just amazing. Sad we don't see more of her lately but she's now on Instagram and pretty active! Really love her much.
  14. Gorgeous editorial. Harper's Spain.
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