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  1. Wooow He is smoking HOT in this polaroids! And he looks good in black That photo in black and white is also great.
  2. Haha, guess he might have changed his preferences then I suppose they could met in NY during his work there. But i wonder if she's THIS long-time girlfriend, the one we always knew she existed (and i thought she was from Copenhagen somehow... ), or maybe she is a new one? But it doesn't matter unless he's happy with her But since there are photos like these, there are no hopes for us...
  3. Munichmarty, hope you get well soon and have even more energy to talk about Mathias Wow, i didn't expect there are some photos of his girlfriend! Yasmina, do you mean she's New Yorker socialite/celebrity? The funny thing is that Mathias once said he preferred blondes and she seems to be a brunette
  4. It's so unfair he always looks so perfect I can't wait to see new pictures of Mathias, too... So curious what Mathias was working on in Japan Maybe an underwear advertisement this time? Do you remember this one? I think he looks much more mature now
  5. Only 25 votes to beat nr 6 (Will Smith). Come on girls, help Mathias! Today I slept only 5 hours and I'm so exhausted, but this listing makes me staying awake
  6. I've been doing the same XD. Haha, me too
  7. I just voted too We all know that he should win Thank you guys for such a warm welcome I'm not exactly from Scandinvia, but not far away I'd love to go to Denmark and Copenhagen, even just to see Mathias somewhere there
  8. Hi everyone I've been watching this site from over a year (i think it's the best and the most developed site of Mathias, and it's so nice in here and I just thought that I should join you eventually I love Mathias, like you all I watch his pictures almost everyday, it's like some freaky obsession I'd like to thank especially Munichmarty, I noticed that you have added so many Mathias photos etc. The funny thing is that I have the same kind of beauty as Mathias ( the same hair and eye color, also the shade of our skin is the same,maybe because I'm from that part of Europe where Mathias lives I am only not THAT pretty )and I love all this features on him, but I always thought that my hair is too dark, my eyes...bla bla But I think that I'm starting to like myself because of him, when I see how lovely Mathias looks with this kind of beauty But I'm not supossed to talk so much about me, so I stop right now Do you know If there are some photos of Mathias with his girlfriend anywhere? I'm so curious
  9. Sweet rus and matthaeus123 thanks! I love the St Petersburg session especially I found these photos for Bon prix, hope not repost:
  10. Hi, I'm new here I think it's her, am I right?
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