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  1. An HQ from the FHM shoot
  2. Woahh when did the layout of BZ change? It's probably been about a year since I last logged in...can't work out if I prefer it now or before...
  3. she is...perfect. Thanks for the pics
  4. I saw her show in London tonight. Her performance was so average, she didn't look interested at all, and everything she said was so rehearsed...it was a real shame. She doesn't look like she's really enjoying herself. On a positive note, she looked absolutely stunning...like REALLY hot
  5. She has such an amazing body. Her ass is just incredible...
  6. Oh right, how come it's not in this section? I know her music isn't to everybody's taste but surely she still counts as a musician Maybe we can merge the threads?
  7. Great pics, haven't seen some of those before - keep 'em coming!
  8. I love Christina Ricci's eyes...
  9. Full set of NYLON shots in HQ Sept 2011
  10. Thanks so much for the Pan Am promos
  11. I'm surprised not to see her here, another Romanian pop babe... FHM UK (Nov 2011)
  12. Some out-takes from FHM:
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