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  1. For those who are fans : http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=27678
  2. What you're overdose by Tokio Hotel ? Loool but you're a fan of them ! You rent a room in the same hotel in june 2008, you went with me to see the concert and this autumn, again you went twice at the Plaza Athénée to see them You're funny Baby !! I should post the photos and video and the people from here would laught For those who are fans too : http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=27678 you can also join Baby and me on my fan club here : http://carrie-fan-club.blog.jeuxvideo.com
  3. Hello, I'm a writer and i'm curently writing a serie of novels about the entertainment world, and more about music and fashion. For that I took contact with a lot of professional in the music industry and now I work on the fashion part. I contacted some models but also I need to know who made wich catwalk and that's a hard work for me because 1rst, I don't know where to find all the pictures of the fashion weeks, and 2nd I can't reconized the models... So would it be possible that some people here help me to find the schedules, the shows, the pictures and the models names from 2007 until now ?
  4. Around the rock'n'roll band JAPAN ROAD, there is a madness without precedent. They arrive in France to make the promotion of their last DVD and the capital does live only with the sound of German rock'n'roll ! The fans organized themselves to camp in front of the Hotel Royal Monceau. Jenny and Cécilia booked a room in this hotel. Manon, who had an affair with the guitarist, hides in the crowd to see him again. Anaïs Parïs, who dates the singer, joined him, taking care to keep their relation a secret. The whole hotel is in effervescence. Security is to the maximum. And the band arrives, ready to make the teenagers dreaming. During these three days, will some secrets be revealed ? Will some feelings be acknowledged ? Hopes, lost or found? Dreams, broken or came true ? --------------- This novel is about the Entertainment World : music, tv, fashion... that is not well know by people and teens. They think it's a dreaming life, they think artist earn a lot of money and don't have to work. They thing they are not to complain because they've got a so beautiful life, etc... But they don't know that recording a CD and planning a tour is a lot of work, they don't know all the people who work in the shadow, they don't know the paparazi can make their life a hell and that causes them problem to deal with friends, family, or girlfriends... and sometimes they even have to deal with too addictive fans, dangerous stalkers addicted to them who can attack their girls or families... I will talk more about models in the next books of the serie, to explain their job. Also I want to mention some names and talk about ther works, because when you're not a big fan of fashion you don't know at all the names of the models, even the more famous of them who are on tv spot or on advertissement in the streets. and of course most of the people don't know how is organized the fashion weeks men, women and Haute Couture... the casting, then the fittings, rehearsal etc... They imagine all the models are really into fashion and wear only designer clothes or stay in luxe hotels and go out in hype clubs, what is far from reality. Also in these books and want to talk about some parts of French and German History, about arts and litterature... i want my readers to discover some cities, first Paris, Hamburg and Berlin, them Europa and in the next books : Usa, Mexico, and more That's the good thing when you write about a rock band, you can write they go on tour and that's a good occasion to travel with them then you can talk about local food, tradition, langage, music or tv from this country etc... My books are more for teens and they have a lot of succès with them but I wanted to have other points of view and also the point of vue of people who are not french and who are into fashion ^^ You can have more infos on my fan club : http://carrie-fan-club.blog.jeuxvideo.com/ and also on my forum : http://wilkommenimhotel.forumactif.com/ where you can find several translation in english, portuges, spanish, german and russian There are 5 books in french, 5 in russian, 3 in english, 1 in Portugues/Brazilan and the other are in procès in spanish and german... And if you're interesting, I can send you the books by emails, just ask me here : [email protected] ^^
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