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  1. Are you talking about the interview? She's not nervous, she was cold! It was freezing at that event and she had on a silk dress. I hope there are better quality pictures coming because I loved this look. So simple and sexy, not at all like what she usually wears.
  2. Agua de Coco S/S 2018 backstage sorry for the tags
  3. Electrify Magazine "Groove to the Jamaican Beat"photographer: Andrew Kuykendallmodel: Emanuela de Paula
  4. Electrify Magazine "Groove to the Jamaican Beat" photographer: Andrew Kuykendall model: Emanuela de Paula
  5. Behind the scenes of Irk Magazine editorial Studio Lights
  6. IRK MAGAZINE Issue #3 "Studio Lights" Photographer: Morgan Miller Model: Emanuela de Paula Stylist: Brendan Cannon Makeup: Margina Dennis Hair: Mirna Rose higher quality/cropped
  7. This is kind of random, but I was so happy to finally see a different angle of this outfit. I only had to wait TWO years!!! Lol can someone please hack Jerome for all his archived images already? You know he has some good stuff.
  8. Emanuela had a lovely segment on a popular tv show in Brasil about her career and upbringing.
  9. Before I knew all the details about the show I was very much for having Candice stay home and be with the her newborn. As selfish as it is of us to want her there - this show is in Paris! It seems like it will already be more special than the other shows. I respect her choice regardless, but I really hope she will be there.
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