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  1. She missed the 2007 show to receive an award in the Netherlands. It was the same year VS offered her a contract, though she didnt sign until 2008. Doutzen herself confirmed that she is pregnant and engaged. She also mentioned that she told VS early in the pregnancy so that she could take a break from working for them and return after she gives birth,
  2. From the top of my head, there's fellow Brazilians Gracie Carvalho and Lais Ribiero; Americans Lyndsey Scott, R'el Dade, and Chanel Iman; and Jamaican Jeneil Williams. Gracie is being used the most often right now in the catalog, even though Chanel (and presumablyEmanuela) is contracted with them. Jeneil is used in just PINK and Lyndsey and Lais just started doing the catalog. Im surprise they haven't started using Joan yet.
  3. I love how athletic has basscically become a euphemism for some other word in fashion. It could be Heidi's legs too. Yeah, I didn't know whether or not I could say she has ridiculosly thin legs or not. But, now I just did so... <_<
  4. Yeah, that's what I was trying to hint at. Plus, I would think Wintour would take Doutzen over the others, as she's had a number of eds for them plus was featured on the cover for the "world's next top superodel" edition
  5. I actually can see Lindsay doing a US Vogue editorial, as she's done alot more high fashion work than Erin, Candice, Rosie, and even Miranda and Ale. But, I'd say those mystery legs are too "athletic" to be Lindsay's.
  6. That's Oluchi Onweagba. She did Vs in 2000 and then 2002-2007. She was in SI in pretty much the same years and did Dior/Galliano shows quite frequently.
  7. I think it is pretty obvious Oluchi is getting it Why else would you think she's been keeping such a low VS profile? Honestly, I think Miranda or Ale will get (preferably Ale). As Lost_Soul mention, Miranda seems to be doing ALOT of work for them lately. Im not sure about Adriana, only because she had it so recently. Though, it wouldnt be surprising if she got it.
  8. Oh, sorry, I just meant they waited until 2003 to actually use Isabeli in the show, even though she (along with KK) was already becoming a Versace It girl.
  9. KK turned 16 three months before the 2000 show. I always thought it was interesting that they were pretty much ok with using KK at that age whereas the Isabeli shoot caused controversy resulting in them not using her again until 2003.
  10. No problem/ And I agree, she should have gotten more than half a page
  11. Also, the piece about her basically says thatwhen thinking about casting a diverse group of brazilians, her name cannot be missed. She has already become one of the black models that has made history in the fashion industry. Then they mention that her elegance, features, and successful career have translated into numbers (im assuming cash). With that, the write goes on to mention how she was in the 2009 Forbes ranking for wealthiest models. It concludes with suggesting that this is the start of something good for Emanuela
  12. She and Gracie really stood out for the cover (aside for them being the darkest)
  13. Ana Hickmann You have a Guinness Book of World Records and they only use her for one year? Moreover, in the 2002 show, they gave her second oufit away Seing how she's blonde, tall, and "exotic" (I hate that term, but in this case think its applicable), VS could have easily had made hervery successful here in the U.S. I know she is tremendously popular back home in Brazil, but Ana could have made a name for herself in the U.S. market if she had been used more frequently by VS.
  14. Yeah, I agree about both. Oluchi worked for them since 2000 and even did commercials and launches, and yet never got that contract.
  15. I'd have to say Marija Vujovic is one of the first ones that comes to mind. She was high-fashion, but not alien-like. Not to mention, her body is ridiculously more intune with selling lingerie than alot of the girls they used now
  16. Who do you think are the mst underrated VS models? In other words, who should they have used more often? Who gets shafted in airtime or publicity? Which Angels were/are always in the background? Who always seems gets the ugliest outfits? You get the point
  17. Emanuela was 16. Her first swim pictures were released in January/February 2006. You're right. For some reason, I thought she started in late 2006. KK's is the most ridiculous in that everyone knew that she was only 16 because of her Vogue cover.
  18. Dorothea was 17 when she walked in the 2009 show and Emanuela was 17 when she started doing print.
  19. You never know. KK open the show her second year (as a 17 year old) and wore the fantasy bra her third year, ontop of not even being an Angel. So, I wouldn't say that Candice isn't a likely candidate for either one.
  20. Short article about KK in New York Magazine: http://nymag.com/daily/fashion/2010/04/don...rolina_kur.html
  21. But didn't Gisele leave on after her contract negotiations went poorly, while Izabel broke her contract, and KK just did not renew hers (making Selita the only one that VS really cut)? I do agree that the number of Angels well probably be cut down though.
  22. It's weird that they introduced Emanuela and then scarcely use her afterwords (in comparison to her and past use and the current use of the other girls).
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