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  1. She reminds me a little of Emanuela: http://fever-of-fate.com/vs/index.php/view/C415/ Oh wow, she's like an Emanuela clone! And in that sense she's entirely superfluous to VS as a contracted model. She's less curvy than Emanuela, which is probably why she does better attaining high fashion gigs. A lot of people say she looks like a cross between Emanuela and Liya. It's kinda like how some use to always say Izabel looked like Alessandra.
  2. Thanks for the info. I figured she was basically a de-facto angel, but I was waiting for her to show up on the All Access page to consider it official. This explains why she hasn't showed up there yet. Maybe she and the other models have something similar to the catalog contracts like (I think) Oluchi and some other models used to have. Oluchi was in ad campaigns, commercials, and at store promotions, but she was always a step below angel. Right, and so was Angela. maybe the "new faces" all got this type of contract...
  3. Yeah and they barely showed her in the one outfit at that . Originally, she was going to wear the second outfit Aminata wore, but once Heidi decided to walk, they gave Animata's outfit to her and Liu's outfit to Aminata.
  4. That sounds intense. It seems like there is very little stability in the Angel lineup lately.
  5. Im pretty sure Caroline Trentini was one of the fit models for the 2006 show along with Andi, and Miranda (i'm not sure why they needed three )
  6. I second that! Seeing both of them in the 2006 show still gives me chills I was very disappointed to find out that VS didn't cast Hana (and Stam to a lesser degree) in the last years show. We might get lucky though, and maybe VS will cast Hana and Natasha again.
  7. Natasha Alessandra Inguna Adriana
  8. They had 16 year olds appearing in sexy lingerie?!? That's pushing it, I think. Just my opinion. From what I read, the Isabeli shoot caused a lot of controversey, which resulted in VS requiring a model to be atleast 18. After the uproar, Isabeli signed with alot of high fashion labels. Karolina on the other hand, started out working for high fashion labels so I don't think they actually knew she was so young. Plus, she looked nothing like a 16 year ol
  9. Yeah, out of the contracted ones, Behati is the youngest.
  10. & the youngest of the current models is Behati Prinsloo & she's 20 I think alot of the PINK models (and even some of the non-PINK ones) are 18 and 19. Gracie Carvalho, for example, just turned 19. Emily DiDonato, who just started working with them, was born in 1991
  11. Isabeli Fontana was the youngest to appear in the catalogue at 16 and Karolina Kurkova was 16 when she walked in the 2000 show.
  12. Well, aside from the Angels, you can pretty much count on seeing Rosie, Candice, and Chanel seeing how they all were in the Christmas commerical. Emanuela and Lindsay are probably definites too, as they were part of a major launch. Selita supposedly confirmed on her twitter that she'll be there and Maryna, Arlenis, and Edita all have good chances of being there considering their recent, heavy involvement with VS.
  13. I think If Alessandra gets the FB, then Miranda or Doutzen will open (unless, of course, they open with the FB like in 2005). If she doesn't get it, then I think it is very likely that Alessandra will open.
  14. That's the same thing I thought. Then again, John Galliano used balloons in one of his shows a few seasons ago
  15. And we of course can't forget how KK got it in 2003 as a non-Angel and then again in 2006 after her second year of being a contracted Angel. However, I must admit I think she deserved both of them
  16. I don't. VS would END her career Not true. If she did do VS and then decided to ONLY do VS, then that would end her career. However, a number of models- Caroline Trentini, Jessica Stam, Natasha Poly, Angela Lindvall, Isabeli Fontana, Morgane Dubled, and Raquel Zimmermann for example- have done VS multiples times and still have striving careers.
  17. Yeah, I'm always alittle sad when I think about how she and Jeisa used to get so much work. Who knows, maybe this year she'll finally be cast in VS and that might propel her career again. We can always hope
  18. Mini Gisele Karolina Carmen Fernanda Leticia
  19. Karolina Fernanda Tyra Ana BB Isabeli Adriana
  20. Oluchi Dewi Alessandra Eugenia Tyra Leticia
  21. chrisman46

    VS Model's ID

    Lindsay Ellingson Thanks for the ID. I passed by the VS store downtown today, and I wondered who the model in the window was. She's one of the many high fashion models VS is starting to bring in
  22. Yes, which is unfortunate. On a side note, Im really surprise to see Chanel there
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