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  1. Emmanuel DelCour AKA Jean Val Jean Date of Birth: 19 June 1980 Birthplace: Montlucon, France Age: 30 Eye Color: Amber Hair Color: Brown - Dark Star Sign: Gemini Occupation Category: Pornstar/Model/Chef Nationality: French Topic Type: People - Person Jean Val Jean (born June 19, 1980, Montlucon, Allier) is a French actor and reality television participant. In 2007, Jean Val Jean won the AVN Male Foreign Performer of the Year. He is now known by his birthname, Emmanuel DelCour. Aside from his work in pornographic films, he acted in the low-budget vampire thriller Immortally Yours. He is also recognized for being a finalist in various bodybuilding competitions since arriving in California from France[citation needed]. His past work in the pornography industry was recently exposed in the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. As of November 2009 he can be seen on the Bravo show Chef Academy, where he is listed as being a graphic designer and as having studied design for five years, though the venue of his studies is not listed. Has made a successful cross-over from modeling in straight adult entertainment.He joined the industry around the age of 22 2002.
  2. here's some more images ^_^
  3. first time sharing. thought to bring the thread back to life ^^
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