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  1. Thanks! and not what is the right section. Sorry u.u.
  2. Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntigton W. And? Who is she? Thanks.
  3. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalala *--*


  4. lesamis.blogspot.com ~ SHAPE MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2009 Blast from the Past Photographer: Marcus Wong welovemodels ~ *Ísis Bataglia and Brett Reeves* Editorial: Hot and Steamy Phot.: Pantelis Zervos
  5. 'Cause all the models have some photo smoking.
  6. Where is this one from? What magazine, year, etc.?? In "the fashion spot". I saw not the photo in the pag, But not if this one. I not to speak in English. My English is very bad u.u
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