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  1. they were married once but divorced and decided just to live together
  2. thanx Luno for the new pics i guess some of them are from her site made with flash i couldnt get them thank you again .
  3. btw she is buffon's wife.
  4. 105

    Angelina Jolie

    what can i say! any other person?
  5. 105


    thats right thank you again
  6. 105

    Angelina Jolie

    can anyone please make a wallpaper of this image : ]
  7. 105


    i downloaded three of them (part 1-2-3 )but the rest is required and they are deleted can anyone upload them please
  8. 105

    Fran Drescher

    Qball, now i can say you are a kind of gourmet (Y)
  9. they say ninjas can used to use their brains in high percentages (4-5 times of a normal person) it means they were kicking ass with mental power tell me something about your fav. place
  10. maybe there were some (or lots of) bastards who joked with his size
  11. 105


    i'm sorry for your mom i hope things will be better for both of you
  12. haha i'll keep that in mind , thanks for recommends
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