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  1. Thanks francy lovely ad but definitely too much photoshop! <_< Bianca could look even better! I made too walls...I'm not too good with photoshop,so they are nothing special
  2. Big thanks to Behati,Betty & Tamara :heart: amazing pics!!!
  3. Thank you, my new wall paper mine too! Yay ...I'm so happy u both like it,it's my first wallpaper and here's the pic..
  4. I made this wall,cause i really love these David Yurman ads...It's simple,but I hope u like it!
  5. yeah,she reminds me on Freja too,but I think Danijela is more beautiful
  6. THANKS....SHE'S STUNNING I wish there are more pics
  7. I'm gonna miss Ana too,but what can we do Glad to see Marija,Erin,Isabeli...all lookin very very hot and I don't like Ale's new hair color Is Katja going to be on the show?
  8. beautiful...She is soooo pretty! :wub:
  9. OMG! I didn't knew that! Thanks for the info Sanja! She must have been beautiful bride here's one more pic of Marija and her husband
  10. THANKS *EmiNa* Those pics are beautiful...and your avi too!
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