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  1. Elle Spain - making of video: https://youtu.be/1psAH9BmWwc
  2. Subscriber's cover. Also from instagram.
  3. After taking a year off, she just shot the January cover for Elle Spain.
  4. Elle (France) 2015 May 22. One page, uncredited. My scan. photo by Riccardo Tinelli
  5. June issue of American Elle includes a small reprint of one of last year's photos from Elle Spain. Here is the whole page, and then just the Filippa picture: My scans.
  6. Edited 22 May: Expecting to see her in French Elle this month.
  7. So 2014 seemed to be a big year for Filippa, professionally and personally. After signing with Biotherm, she appeared in at least 6 magazines (including reprints). Then she got pregnant and gave birth to a son. I haven't seen any sign of her on Biotherm's website for a while now. Wondering what 2015 will bring.
  8. Elle Argentina October, 2014. Reprints from Elle Spain. Edit: actually that middle picture looks new. source: ebay.com Edit: realized the Elle Italia (July 2014) reprint cover was not listed here: source: Instagram
  9. More/larger from nextmanagement.com
  10. Thanks for the detective work, ModelKnowledge!
  11. Woman magazine from fashiongonerogue.com: Photographer: Richard Ramos
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