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    i love the fashion models especially flavia de oliveira and adriana lima

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  1. New Polarodis!! welovemodels Sorry for my absence, I was very busy with school:( Thank you all for all the updates!!kisses
  2. ELLE ITALIA JUNE 2011 Flavia Oliveira by Marcelo Krasisic
  3. miss her on the runway!thanks for all the pics Photographer: Renam Christofoletti Model: Flavia de Oliveira welovemodels
  4. NEW CAMPAAAIGNN.. for PliƩ Lingerrie thanks lolitaisabeli ? some screen caps made my from the video glamurama.uol.com.br
  5. thanks for all the pics i love that ed
  6. thanks for the pics she looks gorgeous in Post #2877, they are from Chantelle Lingerie
  7. thanks Isabeli & Inguna for the showcard
  8. 1. looks like Irina Magda
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