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  1. Actually, she hates to work out. Just to let you know. ^^ If someone else hasn't already.
  2. merlynn


    I'm proud of my Panthers. XD They did good. Maybe they'll actually win the Super Bowl this year, I hope so. At least Delhomme didn't crack under the pressure, he's already been to a Super Bowl game, so I hope he's gonna do good. PANTHER'S ALL THE WAY!
  3. Thanks. (: Does anyone know of and Gisele Bundchen communities at Livejournal? I'm a Adriana fan and also just a VS fan.
  4. Hey, my names Melly, merlynn was a nickname given to me a looooonnnnng time ago by a friend of mine, and so it's just stuck. lol I'm a new Adriana fan. XD Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to the lovely wonders of Vickey Secrets, I've become a big fan of Adriana Lima. So yea. Tehe. I can't wait to meet other Adriana fans and such.
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