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  1. 18 year hottie!u dont see woman?woman without age.josie have to be nice everyday in our lives man

  2. I think she dind't given up her acting career. Josie thread should be moved to future "The legends" section.
  3. I don't think about it, I know it. It's a fact.
  4. All Josie fans, join our community @ http://www.josiemaran.tv/forums/
  5. Genw


    In your first post files weren't found. Second is good but there's only 2 of them. Where is 1 version. First version is this taht was posted few days ago??
  6. Genw


    Paps'n'Scar "Vieni con me" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> THX Thiago. Downloading right now. ;-)
  7. Genw


    TY Capt Snow. Can u also tell me what is the name of the song & artist that was used in this & previous ad?
  8. Genw


    I have a question. I wasn't her for some time & I've lack of time to browse so many pages in this section. Can anyone colud tell me is there any newer TIM ad than this where Adriana walks in the fountain?? If there is newer ad couls someone tell me on wich page is the link or repost link. Many THX.
  9. OMG. THX man I was waiting for someone wfo gonna make wall from that fantascic pic of Josie in wet shirt. THX for 1000 times.
  10. Big THX to all of you people.
  11. One of the most beautiful Ale photoshoot.
  12. THX for credits zoltar.
  13. Genw


    THX Gocho. Tht was real helpful.
  14. Genw


    Can some1 tell me what's the name (artis & title) of this two fantastic songs used in TIM ads.
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