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  1. It was 32 MB when I tried uploading my last pic. Didn't work for me.
  2. I know, isn't it frustrating?!? Try shrinking it down to just under 1MB. That worked for me. It's really terrible because I love to post really high quality big scans (and smaller ones too, for those who cannot see them when they are larger) and this new restriction (don't even know if it is intended) is taking some of the fun out of posting. I do still hope to see your post - I've been really enjoying your contributions. Thanks for the compliment, Red. I don't have much though. I'm not resizing, just going to post on another image host. I think this one is new, although it's from a photo shoot we've already seen a couple shots from.
  3. I just tried to upload a 1.36MB pic with no success. You're not the only one having trouble, Red.
  4. Yes, that is definitely her! Thanks Joe for sharing.
  5. I forgot to comment on the scan. I don't think it's her either. Not at all.
  6. She looks great. LOL, come on now. They've been together 25 years, I think that's wonderful!
  7. I've never seen these candids before. Do you know the date they were taken? She's wearing her wedding band so I'm assuming early 90's. Great shots. Thanks for posting!! Thanks for the scans, red!
  8. Interesting set, redhead. Thank you for posting, and thanks to Kalaudia and paulinafan for your latest contributions. Has this one been posted before?
  9. Thanks to Kate, Kalaudia and Jal for the latest pics! Very much appreciated. This is one of my favorite candids I've seen of Paulina. It's from May '92 when she did a book signing for her book 'Ralphie the Roach'. I don't think it's been posted here before.
  10. I'm not sure about the last two sets either. My inclination is that it's not her. Has this been posted, I don't think so...
  11. I've got just the photo itself, it doesn't have any printing on it. It's definitely from the tour she did in late '91 promoting the makeup video. I also posted a brochure which features a shot of her from this shoot. I figure it was for Spring '91.
  12. Excellent detective work, Red! Definitely the same photo shoot. She toured sometime in the latter half of '91 promoting the makeup video, I've got an autographed copy. Now that I think about it, her Cosmo cover in the green dress was out, that was the November issue so sometime around there. I wish I had that issue autographed rather than the video, but I didn't know what to expect, I didn't even take a camera. I do remember though that she looked exactly like her pictures, and that we had to write our names on an index card in big letters for her to read because she was near-sighted. I made a scan of my video too, not the inside though since she wrote on it...
  13. This is one of the brochures I was thinking of that I don't believe has been posted. I know I've got the other picture I mentioned as a brochure too, but haven't found it yet. This one might be new too, not sure. It's from a 4 x 6 mailer from Saks Fifth Avenue. It doesn't have a date on it but I think that's the dress she was wearing in that promotional shot I mentioned and that was late '91 so I'm thinking it might be from Spring '91. I don't have PhotoShop so these are just scans, without any retouching. Thanks Red for the welcome! I loved her Estee Lauder work too.
  14. Found the pic I was thinking of, if my memory serves it's the only image from this shoot posted in this forum. Am I mistaken? http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?act...t&id=584383
  15. I sifted through the rest of the pages at lunch today and I actually think I've got a couple Estee Lauder ads that haven't been posted. One photo from the set I'm thinking of has been posted but not in the Lauder brochure format. Silly I didn't note the page the pic was featured on, but it's of her on the beach wearing casual clothes, very natural makeup. I've got that brochure and another photo of her in a gold sleeveless gown, arms outstretched, big smile that I believe was from the same time but was a photo at the counter they used to promote Paulina's in store appearance back in '91. I've got to rummage through the attic to find those to scan.
  16. I am so glad I found this forum! I have been a longtime fan of Paulina's, she was and still is my favorite model! I thought I had seen all the Estee Lauder ads but I was so wrong, thank you so much Red for sharing your scans, there were lots I'd never seen before. I think I may have a couple ads not posted but I'm not entirely sure. I'm going through the archives carefully now, currently I'm at page 34, once I finish if I don't see them I'll be sure to scan and post. A huge thank you to all who have taken the time to scan, post and share their pics here, there are editorials posted that are completely new to me!
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