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  1. Chanel is looking amazing. I really can't wait for her to get older. She's only going to get more and more beautiful And Ophelia your sig is tripping me out lol I love it.
  2. Wow great pics! Please keep up the good work =D
  3. Alyssa's unique brows make her stand out from all the other pretty faces.
  4. Hmmm, I actually think she looks pretty decent in those pics.
  5. Although I don't think she's one of the models in the business that deserves to have a big article about her weight loss, I still think she's deviating from the tone/in shape chica she used too be. I miss those real feminine curves. I tend to use her as the poster child for healthy models when I try to get people to realize that not all of them are anorexic zombies, so its a shame to see her getting all this bad press. Still, I have faith she'll get that banging body back at some point.
  6. Although I have no doubt she'll bounce right back and return to that uber fit body, its still a little disappointing to see her go from that to just simply skinny
  7. @[email protected] Thank god I saw your sig Ophelia and stalked the board until I found this thread. She's amazing. I'm in love with those pouty lips.
  8. Gorgeous as always. Thanks for the update!
  9. This was an amazing thing to wake up and see!! Thanks for sharing this find from TFS!!!!
  10. Hope, I believe Bellazon's policy is that as long as they're public they are safe to post
  11. warhol and gosia, where would we be without you....such awesome stuff <3 <3
  12. That's what the gossip sites are saying...
  13. Wow those are absolutely beautiful!! Thanks for always finding these great pics! Give me more Marloes
  14. Stunning girl! And for someone with such a slim body, she's got some amaaaazing ta tas I'm looking forward to more pics.
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