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  1. i have found some photos of he in my pc now..from another brand.. i send it in your email? ok is [email protected]
  2. yes i know...but thanks always for your help... justin is so wonderful always I use this message also to say that i searched editorials of doug but no found nothing only ads of polo ralph lauren.. i think that u have all..but if u want i can scan that photos... let me know... Yes, please I'll send to you all portfolios that i found or big pics, Here you heave 2 more : http://www.models1.com/details.asp?sexid=1...cboModelID=4214 http://www.nextmodels.com/modules/models/?...=model&m_id=270
  3. He appears in The Purifiers playing an angel (The perfect role for him!!) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0371902/
  4. HERE U HAVE A JUSTIN'S PORTFOLIO : http://www.whynotmodels.com/list.asp I DN'T KNOW IF U HAVE THE PICS BUT ...
  5. yes, i have seen this tv spot, all perfumes have ads, but i don't now if he appears in it. Wha's the fragance's name?
  6. I have searched in my magazines ... i haven't found nothing yet, but i'm going to search more, my mom has a lot of magazines, like cosmopolitan, raggazza, woman,.... I remember him from a tv ad, but i don't know if it's massimo dutti
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