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  1. the way you answered. just it =) seems like: oh-oh! it was posted few days ago...
  2. it was posted few days ago...
  3. i think they don't know protection against pregnancy
  4. Caption: IKER CASILLAS and SARA CARBONERO PROBABLE WEDDING. Upon relatives of Sara's family, The World champion and captain of National Team of Spain, Iker Casillas, and his girlfriend Sara Carbonero will marry at the church of la Asunciƚn, in the village of Corral de Almaguer (Toledo, Spain). The goalkeeper of Real Madrid and Spain, already was ntroduced to the parents of Sara, as well as to her grandmother, and has visited the birth village of the bride several times. Carlos Carbonero and Gregoria Arevalo, parents of Sara, have wellcomed Iker Casillas at their family home. - "Iker is deeply in love of Sara, and she also feels happy close to Iker", say her relatives. - "Here, in Corral de Almaguer, when a young woman of the village introduces her boyfriend to the family, is always to marry", they remain. The population of the viullage is enthusiastic with the idea, and anxiously wait the happy event. ***PHOTO: CHURCH OF LA ASUNCION IN THE VILLAGE OF CORRAL DE ALMAGUER, WHERE IKER CASILLAS AND SARA CARBONERO ARE EXPECTED TO MARRY.
  5. I think it's birthmark... but i have no certainty
  6. stunning as always (but i want her long hair back! )
  7. In some pictures Gerard seems with Henry Castelli, Isabeli Fontana's ex-husband.
  8. Really? Come to Brazil, cuttiest couple!
  9. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWW They're so in love, awesome pictures. thank you so much!!!!
  10. Aga always making my day better Thank you!
  11. Chic and her perfect pictures
  12. Aga posting pictures of Sara? (just kidding, Aga )
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