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  1. Tashhr, that's the reason Merci.
  2. I wouldn't mind to see more Please.
  3. Chest hair!!!! He's super cute!!! Thank you!
  4. The NY Times T Style Magazine Fall 2008 Photographer: David Slijper Via TFS
  5. Aw, thanks for addin'~~

  6. Neo2#73 (May 2008) Photo: Eli Schmidt Via TFS Free Image Hosting by ImageBam.com
  7. Doju, doju, duuuu, too Qute!
  8. Hi! I added you as my friend, is this ok? ^_^

  9. Lanvin '15 Faubourg' FW 09 Via TFS and Modelhommes
  10. Prime Mag by Aldona Via TFS /monthly_09_2009/post-27467-0-1445992250-33506_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="2441107" alt="post-27467-0-1445992250-33506_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="138.89">
  11. Ford SS10 showcard models.com
  12. Ford SS10 showcard models.com
  13. He looks so beautiful there cnt wait to see him walk on ny
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