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  1. There is alot more!! Click the link below Parker's Fansite
  2. This was Gilded Age and UNIS shows last month
  3. I saw this guy on Gossip Girl last week, and it looks like Ryan! I checked imbd, but this character wasn't credited. Do you think it's him?
  4. Yes! It's going to be great!!! The home page looks Amazing! Really, really good job! I'll be in touch!
  5. Thanks Owly, there was one pic I'd never seen before..... anyone know where this is from?
  6. Yummmmmmmm.... is it just me or does he keep getting cuter and cuter? Wow! Thanks Owly, you are awesome!
  7. Thanks Owly! Love the Hurley Ad....... This is a pic from nautica.com. I cropped it, obviously, full photo on the website....
  8. Thanks Owly, Great pics! Love that snappy suit!
  9. From Claibourne by John Bartlett
  10. Here is a video of Jamie at the GQ CFDA show. He's at around 1.21 & 1.33 A couple of backstage shots at the Calvin Klein Show. Then some shot at a VNY party, where Jamie is goofing around with his friends.
  11. Hey, yep, you're right. The whole TH runway was up this morn on tommy.com and no Parker. Total bummer. But scored some good vids w/ baby phat Thanks for all of your persistence. Saw this vid of the GQ CFDA show back at the beginning of the year. Parker is at the beginning around .10 And a still of the event.
  12. A few more from photographer Scott Trindle
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