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  1. haha I love it. thanks for sharing it and I agree she's Flawless
  2. Of course her AVI is nice. It's of Laetitia :D :D :D :D
  3. No the guy who was shooting her said he doesn't speak french but she knows how to pose. He didn't need to tell her what to do. I agree with Kikki I'm sure she speaks english but even if she doesn't If someone like Victoria's Secret wanted to sign her and she'd learn it fast. Like I said before though. I'm sure she knows english.
  4. Small but perfectly formed Is Laetitia wearing lacey tights!!!??? ROB where did you get that gorgeous avatar image of Laetitia? I'd love to download a copy. *EDIT* Never mind I found it.
  5. YEEESS this is the one! Does anyone could take screen capture? She looks so damn gorgeous on this video and some close-up on her face & eyes are just amazing!!! HERE IS THE WHOLE VIDEO! U can see laetitia outside in the cold.... brrr... she wants me to warm her up! the whole c+ video And for the Frenchies, Laetitia will be on France 5 for another TV show. Laetitia sera l'invit�e de Serge Moati dans l'�mission "Cin�ma" sur France 5, samedi 16 janvier � 17h55 Thank you for sharing that video FrenchKikki. She is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS as she always is. Just wish I could understand it.
  6. She and SI would be great! How about Marie Ange and a return of her sister for a shoot of them together? I think that would be one AWESOME ISSUE. Probably sell better in Europe than over here but I think it'd do pretty good here too. Especially if they did something like a Casta sisters cover
  7. Very cool and she's speaking in English in this one. Thanks for posting the link Stella.
  8. You have to search back in this site to find them. there are about 6 of them.
  9. umm yes. just look back at the very recent pages.
  10. And another fan of Laetitia is born Welcome and thank you for responding.
  11. UMMMM WOW!!!! Thanks for the scans
  12. Yes she is a very classy WOMAN!!!
  13. Give it time. I would not bet against that at all. I think it will happen. she just has to gain a bit more popularity. I'd also bet she winds up in Sports Illustrated Swim suite issue.
  14. Yes, that's what I meant by saying some just leave the one beauty mark....ie removing all the other marks Laetitia has...for example the marks on her chin. Ok just didnt read that right then I guess.
  15. [probably means she's available but only after you pay the agency (as we say over here in the US) through the nose cash wise to get her. Just an opinion though.
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