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  1. look at her face expression... thats because shes wearin 6 in heel......1in platform and 6 fuggin inch heel
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  3. you guys should also know he has a pretty large fanbase too,,,,,hes now a celeb in his own rights..............could you guys at least post hq pics of madonnas concert with him on view
  4. hes the dancer in hung up(the chef with a fish),sorry(street boys)plizzz add up more pics of him....espically in hq versions.....youll find him in gettyimages with madonna on her concerts
  5. hey guys i just discovered his name today and would like your opinions and contrbutions Daniel Cloud Campos BIOGRAPHY Birth Name: Campos, Daniel Stage Name: CLOUD DOB: 6th May 1983 Age: 23 Starsign: Taurus Marital Status: Single Ethnicity: filipino/white Height: 5
  6. wow....i want them too,Shmaile im sorry i couldnt be of any help...but if u ever get them i want them too thank you hi there i found it
  7. this is so not the thread that you say it is...it just so happens that most VS models really do have the best walks...yeah, mariacarla is good but i think she could trip anytime...rouge is right, her legs are too crossed and it's not that flattering too look at sometimes... well but there are mentioned most VS-Models.... And I think julien hedquist ist right, and i think that is b/c most ppl only know their walks. btw. I haven't seen enough models walking in real fashion shows for rating their walk youre the man gal oh maria carla can walk sensually too....see her in the couture shows.......besides she walks by the dress and the mood of the show........i stand by my model
  8. how does she do that? does she trip on herself of then? because her legs are really crossed... gracefully,feircely.no she never did.....she only did tripped a lil bit.....li mean a lil lil bit as she stepped on a balenciaga fur....then yes she did struggle a bit at the victor and rolf ss 06 show as her dress would not let her take more then 12'in steps.....sut she did smile it of gracefully.... hope you liked her too
  9. ok.......let me start with the ultimate heel queen.......
  10. the problems with the others are 1.daria,lilly cant keep their head still 2.tyra has too much drama 3.gisele does not have a particular trademark walk.....it kept changing like her status 4.jessica looks shit tired 5.karolina does not ooze out the theme....besides she gets a little too smiley(tho i really like that in her....the industry would not)
  11. i really love all the models you all suggested......but when it comes to their walkin style and trademark...."no one mews it like maria carla"
  12. heres my fav pics of karolina's great walk lol :evil: ...im sorry :evil:
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