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  1. Is she wearing any make-up? And where's her hair make-up artist? She is pretty and I like her dress this time, but.....she could have been far better than this face & hair, couldn't she?
  2. She still looks incredibly beautiful and gorgeous in candid pictures...obviously without photoshopp!! By looking at her parents photos and her childhood photos, it's crystal clear she didn't have any plastic surgeries, either. What a blessed girl, Irina I'm not naming the names , but you know, some famous models look awful without photoshopp and don't look like models in candid photos! :trout:
  3. I'm watching a live tennis match on tv right now, it's Madrid Masters, and Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina is in there. Sitting in front of Nadal's crew and showing them constantly! Irina is so beautiful..
  4. I agree!! Her interviews are really nice, her accent is working well I hope she gets more opportunities in American TVs or movies or whatever... I wanna see her more!
  5. I bet she already thinks of herself as a serious actress after shooting such 2 big budget movies!
  6. Jarah, my one of the most favorite model all the time: DATING WITH A SPANISH TENNIS PLAYER called Fernando Verdasco!! http://www.menstennisblog.info/2010/09/pho...girlfriend.html
  7. I think she tried to feel herself sexier? Totally unnecessary!!!!!! What, is she crazy?? :evil: Pattern 1: Go commando in a BIG national televised party. Pattern 2: at a totally filled restaurant in NY City with her husband with friends and families. Andy : Hey Brooklyn, my sweetheart, what's your order? Do you drink wine today? Brooklyn: *whisper* Honey.. I have to tell you now, I'm not wearing underpants. I'm in commando *whisper* Andy: .........!!!! Brooklyn: *wink* *turned to everybody* Weeeell, I'll get a wine and a chicken salad!! A friend: Andy? Are you okay? you brushed! Andy: no, no, I'm fine. it's hot today, haha *wink towards Brooklyn*
  8. oh, man, you DID!! I also have the hd file of the show, then I made a capture..but hesitated to post it, what a coward(me) !!
  9. Just by looks? Totally Bar for me. However, Brooklyn's appeal is All American looks: Big boobs, well spoken, a nice girl personality. Bar or Irina can't do that. Only Brooklyn can do. Brooklyn type is indispensable for SI. For me, Julie Henderson is too weak. She can't do Brooklyn doing. Until next well spoken, All American girl comes around, Brooklyn is the top. SI is American after all!
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