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  1. Name: Ines Pujol Born: Argentina Age: 21+ Stats: 90-60-90 Height: 5'8'' Weight: 114 pounds Agency: Ricardo Pineiro (Argentina) Campaigns: FTV Mexico.
  2. sharp man

    Eva Longoria

    This are Eva's recent shots from UK GQ, hope not a repost but worth it anyway......
  3. sharp man


    He's refuted rumours saying his heart is with United. Also wants to stay playing as strike partner with Rooney. By the way the Madrid game was very interesting, some stunning goals and they nearly made it back from 6-1 1st leg which would have been an amazing turnaround. Although i started to wonder if the ref had been bought as Ewerthon perfect goal was ruled offside, something it blatently was not.
  4. sharp man


    Looks like the Arse are going down, there losing to Liverpool who were having a mini crisis!!! Bye bye Henry its of to Barca you go, if you have any sense!!!!
  5. Apologies, I ran a number searches and looked through many folders and could not find a thread for Diana K. I'm a rookie so I guess I am not using the site properly, any guidance would be appreciated.
  6. I recently went to Spain and she was pictured on the front of a recent Spanish version of Elle. I wish I had brought the mag back. Has anyone got those pictures as she looked stunning.
  7. Diana Kovalchuk Born: 23rd February 1982 in Vininca, near Kiev, Ukraine Height: 5
  8. sharp man


    ugh! I don't expect much from him really <_< Why not? He's was part of a very strong U18 Argentine side a couple of years ago, that if i'm not mistaken won the FIFA U18 championship. There have a been a few sides after him, Rafa may have struck gold with a Hyppia replacement. I'd have been happy if Man Utd had signed him.
  9. sharp man


    Since when did Real know what defence was? Was it a second string line up or were they playing their first team? Real have been playing quite impressive recently. I was suprised that they were thrashed that hard :| Real were virtually full strength, including Casillas, R Carlos, Helguera (shocking and subbed), Becks, Guti, Gravesen, Robinho, Ronaldo, and the chap Brazilian Arsenal tried to buy. Zidane & Pavon came on later. They placed 4-1-4-1 with Gravesen "protecting" the back four. Even with that formation they leaked like hell. Ronaldo was non-existentm Robinho just dived for everything, Helguera was a has been, Casilla just laughed half the time at the shocking team in front of him, Robert Carlos a leftback - you must be joking. Funnily enough the only person to have a "decent" try at playing football was Mr lover lover (Beckham). Real are a laughing stock and it serves them right for breaking allsorts of football rules to finance their club (likeselling their facilities then renting them back with is forbidden by FIFA), and taking government loans. Lets just hope Chelski eventually end up in a similar mess. You can't cheat in Championship Manager by ripping of a huge Eastern bloc country and its people to buy a football club!!!!
  10. sharp man


    Mohammed Zidan as well What do you know of Zidan, he was supposed to be a hotshot a few years ago in Norway, now joined Werder Bremen but on loan to Mainz, why did he not feature for Egypt?
  11. sharp man


    Just watched Real Madrid get spanked 6-1 by Real Zaragoza, best comedy i've watched in ages. The guys don't even know how to spell defend let alone do it. Galacticwhos?
  12. sharp man


    So I read <_< I was hoping he'd be out for a bit longer :persuazn: Its bad news for us cause it means Spurs will win more games instead of drawing Liverpool have 10 games in 36 days: including: v Chelsea (H) in EPL (played) v Arsenal (A) in EPL v Arsenal (H) in EPL v Benfica (H) in UCL v Benfica (A) in UCL v Manyoo (H) in FA Cup It's make or break time, and if we crash out of everything and lose the major games then Spurs will be there to pounce. Spurs + Mido = even more likely we'll end up 4th You forgot the MIGHTY Charlton!!!!!!!!!! Oh no lost 3 in 4 :evil:
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