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  1. Yeah it does I think they are definitely shooting athletes..
  2. They aren't even blue there ? Go look at her thread and look at all pictures from that event her hands were fine. The lighting isn't good in that shot. Anyways I am dropping the subject. It's pointless because people will hate regardless if she's healthy or not.
  3. I really hope Jess P will be there. She's like a breath of fresh air. Her personality is awesome, too. Also I hope Alyssa is there she's stunning. SI would be dumb not to have her? I think Lily A is stunning in print too perfect for SI.
  4. I felt so sorry for Jac her first show and that is what she got? I guess it's an honor to be there but I would have be pissed lol!
  5. She and Iza work very hard for their bodies.. Iza does have that Brazilian bum, but Hilary has more curve hip to waist ratio. They both are super gorgeous. Hilary is slim but still has curve to her. Hilary is obviously longer torso and legs as well. I think they are both a good, healthy inspirations oh, look another event and Hilary's hands are fine. Just sayin...
  6. Also I don't think Hilary diets to gain muscle. She works out daily. She has said in many interviews she doesn't believe in crash diets she stays prepared year round for that reason. She doesn't believe in "liquid diets." She just exercises every day. If you follow her on IG and Twitter as well. She eats and cooks.
  7. ^ if you compare her from this year VS and last year there is not much a difference at all. I think people got a little messed up when they saw her hands blue in the VS costume. When they are never blue any other time. It's fine IMO if people aren't a fan of her body that's their choice. I love Hilary's and Iza's body and Doutzen's body tbh they are very fit and not too skinny IMO they are just fit and more abs and muscle. What I don't think is OK that people accuse her of things without any other evidence in ALL of her long career and 1 time her hands blue in VS costume only? It's pretty sick. Talk to VS about the fit, but don't accuse a model of things bc you may not like her look. I would like to see what some of these same people bullying look like in lingerie?
  8. ^ I looked closely on UHQ and I don't see anything on her hands at all. I do believe that the costume was cutting off her circulation. It was in fitting video and at the show. Any other time without costume on her hands were fine. Why VS didn't fix the fit I don't know!
  9. I think it's pretty darn sick to assume someone is anorexic or a druggie because one 1 time incident their hands were blue and ONLY when they were wearing their VSFS costume. Her hands were not blue backstage while prepping her. Her hands also were not blue at the after party in the freezing cold when she was wearing short skirt and sheer sleeves. Her hands also weren't blue when arriving to rehearsal in the cold. Her hands also have never been blue at ANY events she's gone to. She walked a few shows S/S and her hands were not blue. She has NO other signs or symptoms of this disease. Also the muscle tone she has is not that of an anorexic person because you need fuel to feed muscle = FOOD. She's just very fit. I could see bringing this up if this happens all the time, but it doesn't. She's a healthy girl. You should probably do your research before accusing a very sweet person of things. Since when is it okay to skinny shame? She looked beautiful.
  10. omg! thank you so much, Pink she looks soooooo gorgeous
  11. i agree with all that you have with exception to Hilary. i think she was the classiest & her face is the most gorgeous of them all. her body is fantastic&fit. she doesn't look like katy perry at all.
  12. i think hilary rhoda was one of the most beautiful. her face is so amazing she doesn't even have to try. she did a fantastic job for SI. i wish she would have got the cover her body was sick!!!!
  13. she looks beautiful and wonderful. she needs more eds such a timeless&classic beauty!
  14. this is probably a repost, but since i'm new and just found on this was bianca i thought i'd post my scan bianca for bebe such a fan of her now !!!
  15. OMG i didn't even notice that how terrible.. thank you
  16. lol, i'm probably asking a really stupid question, but i saw her picture in vogue november 08' and thought she was beautiful i'd like to know who she is My Scan
  17. Hilary's beautiful bride comm. source: http://www.visit4info.com/advert/Beautiful...der-Range/65033
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