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  1. traumeule

    VS Model's ID

    Yeeeees, of course, Cintia Dicker! Thank you so much for your very very very quick reply, susan!
  2. traumeule

    VS Model's ID

    Hello folks, Could you help me by telling me who this model is? I once knew her name, but I keep thinking and thinking and just can't get her name right - it's driving me crazy! Please help me! She has red to brown hair and is modelling for H&M - I don't know more unfortunately. Thank you so much! Greetings from Austria, traumeule
  3. Hey folks! Does anyone know who this model is? If not (because I think she might be quite unknown), can you think of any model who looks a lot like her? I'd be very very glad for your help, thanks a lot in advance!
  4. Whoa, I can't really believe I actually know his name now.... Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!!!!! He is really hot...
  5. Hey folks! I've been observing this marvellous forum for quite a time now. Really great what you've built up here. =) Now I need your help. Does anyone know who this guy is? (Forum Search showed no results, unfortunately.) I've been looking for this guy for ages. I don't have any other picture or so from him, this ad is the only one. Whoever knows who this is helps me solving the greatest riddle ever. ^^ Thanks in advance!
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