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  1. jman

    Happy Birthday!!! Have good one :)

  2. i-D ph. sebastian kim scans by j'adore dior Fashion Rocks 2006 ph. patrick demarchelier scans by oxymoron Fashion Rocks 2007 ph. steven klein scans by novella
  3. Wow, been a while since anyone posted anything in Hye's thread. I'll post some stuff. For Holt Renfrew.
  4. Stephane Rolland HC FW07
  5. Thanks ssender! She looks so great in that editorial.
  6. V Magazine scanned by faith
  7. Well, can't wait to see. I hope they use her for the Dolce eye-wear ads too!
  8. She got the new campaign for Dolce & Gabbana :woot: I guess she posted it in her cyworld because another member already post it at tfs.
  9. No problem Soyee. I love the make-up/look at Ungaro. Can't wait for her ed's to come out. Still waiting for Numero, Vogue, and I read...W.
  10. Burberry La Perla (Love the glasses) Pringle of Scotland D&G
  11. Actually, in my family, I am definitely the worst. I can barely speak it, though I can understand some simple stuff.
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