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  1. I dont blame you for wearing glasses on the computer. Looking at pictures of beautiful women like these can hurt your eyes. You especially need protection if you looked at those pics of Ale that Lullaby posted. Ale's eyes are so piercing they could go right through you. no no Mat..i'm not lesbian :trout:
  2. ^ ..i dont wear them all the time..only when i'm infront of pc or tv..its more like protection
  3. i dont know about her but yes i do wear
  4. no Bumping plz new or repost whatevea.. thanx Matt!!
  5. @Marduk...thanx @shibbychristie..well first and foremost she has kindda mystery face like funnyfan said..there is something about her wich make her standout from other models except Ale coz she and Megan are my first choice ..and reason why started liking her even more is "I can fail at everything that I ever try, but if I fail at motherhood I would be crushed". her interview in http://meganewing.net/home.html...she is not only beautyful but true human being who know how to sacrifice otherwise i dont think Adriana and Ale are that gutsy <_< ..
  6. Zara

    Aishwarya Rai

    only her hair..and she dont look bad with tan..
  7. Zara

    Aishwarya Rai

    wich one..her ex was salman and then there was this guy who also work in films.so wich are you talking about?
  8. but what problem...what you think whats the reason?
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