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    (I'll try to put only the most important :D)<br /><br />Models:<br />> Mathias Lauridsen <br /><br />Actors:<br />> Al Pacino<br />> Edward Norton<br />> Johnny Depp<br /><br />Bands:<br />> Coldplay<br />> Kings of Leon<br />> Mew <br />> The Hoosiers<br />> The Kooks<br /><br />Books:<br />> Crime And Punishment<br />> Dracula<br />> Gone With The Wind<br />> Harry Potter 1-7<br />> Rhett<br />> Scarlett<br />> The Picture Of Dorian Gray<br />> The Shining<br />> Wuthering Heights<br /><br />Other:<br />> Drawing<br />> Football<br />> History<br />> Literature<br />> Movies <br />> Performing Arts<br />> Travelling
  1. I'm... I'm... absolutely speechless. :shock: I'm not sure that it is really healthy for me to visit here. I gasp and try to hit my head to stop this feeling of fainting. My pulse must have risen close to an astronomical level. But on the other hand... I just can't say anything but thank you. Amazing sketch by the way! //: I would have stolen that magazine, too!
  2. Oh, indeed! How did I dare to forget them? I hope there is going to be a huge difference soon! Maybe I should start it immediately? Well... Vielleicht ein bisschen später. (Ich habe Deutch halb Jahre gelernt. Ich muss sagen, dass ich Englisch besser spreche.) Hast du noch mehr schöne Fotos?
  3. HELLO! I'm back! I can't UNDERSTAND what happened!! I just... quitted visiting here. And I can't forgive that to myself when I look at the photos you all have added here. They are unbelievable! I almost died when I checked the pictures in the previous page. :shock: Thank you very much! They truly made my day! And now I see that my English has gone really bad (or at least ridiculously simple) because I haven't used it for months.
  4. WOOOOT??? I've been just about week away and I was like shocked to open this thread! It was like opening a GIANT present. :shock: Thanks A LOT for everyone who has posted this amazing stuff here! I'm so proud of you all! :heart: //: Seven minutes later: *still drooling* :drool:
  5. Hi! I read my comments very seldom, so I'm a bit late again. :D Of course I added you. No problem at all. :) I hope you're having a nice day too!

    - Cuchulain

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATHIAS! :heart: :heart: I know. I did it myself, so don't judge me. And now.... my favourite candies: Mmmmmmmmm......... Heraldic-Angel, I like your avatar too.
  7. WOW! :shock: That's just amazing! I wish I could draw like that: simply but yet so detailed. I love that beautiful shading... :heart: Thanks to the talented artist and Munich for... finding that.
  8. as much as i love Mathias, i have to say the boy in the middle is pretty adorable. anybody know who he is? He is Fionn MacDiarmid. Thanks for the great pictures everyone! And don't forget that Mathias' birthday is TOMORROW! I bought my favourite candies to celebrate it. //: And BTW, welcome astronauts! :wave:
  9. Hi! thanks for adding me as a friend. ;-) Have a nice day!

  10. No problem, suzy. Nicole Kidman speaking Spanish. I don't even want to imagine that! Really? I didn't actually know that in Germany they dub movies in German. Well, luckily here in Finland they don't. I watch foreign movies a lot, so sorry Munichmarty and everyone in Germany, I think I won't move there then. As if someone would really even wish that, though. I'd love to move in Denmark, but I can only speak a little Swedish and English with dreadful accent (and my speaking is fuzzy in any case). <_< I was all frozen today at school. It was "only" -13 celsius and it was snowing, but still we had to go outside at breaks. Urgh. And thanks for the showcard! I have only a small version of that picture, so thanks! ...... I want to see the fashionweek! //: Just fixed few embarrassing typos. And BTW, thanks Munich for that even larger pic below.
  11. I'm sure that you, Munich, don't have to worry about that! I won't forget to dream about him because he's my cell phone's background. And how this little detail has anything to do with... anything? Nothing! Because, fortunately I never send text messages, glance tiny photos of Mathias or play Snake III with my mobile phone anytime I get a chance at lessons. I liked Copenhagen very much! It really is such a beautiful city. It's a pity that we didn't have much time to make acquaintance. But we visited Tivoli and I must boast a bit now: I sat on the knee of H.C. Andersen. Statue of course. Stockholm is also a nice city but usually we just drive through it. I've visited there many times you know. But Helsinki isn't actually very marvellous place so I rather recommend you to visit Oslo. I hope that we'll travel to Iceland this summer.
  12. I almost send my message in Finnish just a while ago. This is what happens when your brains are on holiday. .....but unfortunately school continues tomorrow. :yuckky: Umm... As I was saying, I've been in Copenhagen. I think I have probably said that before but anyway. And thanks for that video and the lovely photograph. //: My friend's aunt lives in Denmark. She said that the most of people who live in Denmark can speak English quite well but the country isn't officially bilingual... Just to repeat everything that has been mentioned before.
  13. AAARG. I'm a bit late again. HYVÄÄ (myöhästynyttä) JOULUA JA ONNELLISTA UUTTA VUOTTA 2009! = Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year 2009! :hug: But I got to go now. Terrible rush all the time! //:...And it was in Finnish if someone didn't get it.
  14. Die hard fan. Nooo, you don't have to feel sorry. I think it is just good for me to think things sometimes. Makes good to my brains. I actually could thank you for that! And now I have a good explanation for my social studies teacher, why I haven't read for my test. I can imagine myself grumbling that I spent whole weekend thinking about a one silly picture and watching The Dark Knight and how my teacher keeps sighing and worrying about my mental health... Yup. My imagination is flying like Mathias in this picture: //: BTW, welcome to all the new members!
  15. Umm... Well, I'm not sure either, but I'd say that isn't Mathias. It's like a sixth sense, you know. When I saw it at first time (I hadn't read you another message yet) I couldn't even recognize him. Or maybe it's just the weird hair. But on the other hand, his profile is very similar to Mathias. Gahh... No, I think Mathias has thinner legs, though... Or maybe it's the white pants that blur me. Or my so-called-senses ain't working. (which is very possible, indeed) <_< Anyway, thanks for the pictures! I haven't written here for a days. What a crime.
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