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  1. :D Haha, you're welcome shadow! :)

  2. :D Your questions are interesting, I've never really thought about things like that.

    I never asked my Biology teacher questions, everyone found him kind of scary since he's 6'10".

  3. :D

    He was a very strict teacher so no one would dare do anything like that. But he was cool, some friends and I missed a test and did it the next day, we were all cheating but he never said anything! :D

  4. D: Soccer is not only for girls, it's for anyone who wants to play it!

    Cool, I have it on my iPod, it's a very addicting game. :)

  5. Exactly! They're terrible...

  6. Ha! :)

    When he was young he was tested for Marfan's syndrome... D:

    I think they're even bigger than Taylor's! It's crazy, I had to look up to talk to him! XD

  7. Hah! :D

    No, he saw us in a circle but never said anything. :)

    He was also a huge fan of the Simpsons.

  8. Hehe, thanks.

    I found it on photobucket and tought it was hilarious. :D

  9. Hi! :D Schools been ok, I've been having problems in one particular class, too much work, but at least I'm passsing. :) That's nice, you'll eventually remeber their names, don't worry. :D

  10. I only like soccer... :D And basketball. :)

  11. I really doubt it but you just never know! :)

    I thought taking candy from strangers was bad?! D:

    That's nice, I kind of wish I was 14 again. :D

  12. Most of them are, unless they're pedophiles! D:

    You'll miss it when you get older.

  13. Of course, thanks for adding me as well.

    Yes, I'm 15, are you 14? :)

    Oh, Faget, he's cool, although I doubt he's actually 98. :D

  14. Oh, no, I don't paly on a team, I just paly for fun, with friends or family, no positions. :)

    Hah, that's a strange question... :D

  15. Ok, what would you like to discuss? :)

  16. Realy... wow. Our High School's football team sucks, so we all look to the soccer team to win, because they're a much better team and they actually win their matches, it's kinda sad...

  17. Thank you very much Lyon for the birthday wish. :D

  18. You do track and field? Cool. :)

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