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  1. Hi everybody ! I've just updated my website dedicated to Almudena with 30 new pics : http://almudenafernandez.free.fr Here are 4 pics : Regards.
  2. 7 scans I've just made (from the La Redoute catalogue) :
  3. Hi ! After a long period, I've just updated today my website dedicated to Ines Sastre : http://foversta.free.fr I added a load of pics. Here is the latest Lancome ad I put inside :
  4. Hi! I've just updated my website with several pics : http://almudenafernandez.free.fr
  5. Hi ! I've just updated my website with a load of new pics. Thanks to Worshipper Pa for the caps : http://foversta.free.fr Regards.
  6. 2 pics 've just scanned from Shape Magazine : The other pics are in my website (updated today) : http://almudenafernandez.free.fr
  7. Thanks a lot ! I will choose the caps when I will be back to Paris.
  8. Don't hesitate to send the best caps in a larger format !
  9. Thanks Worshipper for your caps. I would like to put some in my website but these ones are too small : is it possible to get a larger version with a 1024 width ? Thanks a lot !
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