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  1. Bel, how did you get banned?? :( that sucks!!!

  2. too too ace news and new posts heres my contribution
  3. i would like to take this time to declare once again...that i backstage! and taylor! thanks govea, faget and festat! :Flower:
  4. oh thats a hard one, its hard to tell! they even covered up his hands and legs so i cant tell from that either. hmm maybe we will find out soon
  5. thanks srzw. thats a wacky colour, cute though
  6. :shock: omg i dreamt that he fell off that really high ledge he was sat on in the white t! it was horrible! but...he didnt so its ok im glad he closed the show because he and those clothes were really nice
  7. haha, sorry models but i just cant help it
  8. argh! you are killing me people! ...but dont stop them coming thanks govea,way to overload me with beautifulness! and shadow made it for me when i eventually narrowed down my pictures
  9. i know they find fashion weeks tiring...but i have to admit..i love the prettyness it brings..aw, sorry tay tay . also sorry for my over use of emoticons these next few days ...some words cant express haha... god... , i thought i would miss his light brown hair too much but hes lucky, he suits anything and the dark hair makes him look even more brooding!
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