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  1. Hahahaha! Yes and he can wear that green thong that he wore in Borat! Heidi can wear one too! ..maybe even Seal as well! oh gosh...

  2. Haha hey! I just came on to your profile because I saw you were on the VS thread. I can't stop laughing that Sasha Baron Cohen stormed that show! Great laugh! LOL.

  3. BeHOTtie really should be there!

    I love her, I think she brings something totally new to the table. And I really don't understand why people are calling her ugly!

  4. Haha, so are you excited for the show?

  5. LOL! Yes I post on your ShoutBox! I love your site TG!

  6. Thanks for the links! You're really good! I wish I could draw like that! The one you made of Alessandra Ambrosio with the outfit from the second segment in 2006, I traced that picture long ago and yours even came out better!

  7. Hey there!

    NICE avatars!

    They're really out of this world!

  8. Also, did you hear VS has employed a new designer of the shows collection!? It's the same lady who did the Supermodel Obsessions line! This show is going to be AWESOME!!!

  9. Oh right. ^_^

    Yeah I thought my account was messed up or something!

    I totally agree, In my opinion it's the nicest bra as of yet, I love that it's completely different, being a black bra. I'm still a tad confused on why each pad of the bra has a different pattern though...

    Ah that's awesome! You can draw! You're lucky! If I could draw I'd be d

  10. (That's weird, it didn't show my full comment...) continued - I'd be doing it more often! I've actually tried to find some of your sketches on Vsholic before but I have no clue how to go about that forum... Link me if you can!

  11. Oops! I meant to say at the end - one of their hottest.


  12. No the reason that rumor came out was because someone on the forums who was obviously terrible at English said the PINK line will be taken out and then someone saw that and posted it in another forum, and so on and so forth, you know how rumors go....

    Behati got loads of press this year being the 'New Gisele' so I think she'll be in the show. PINK line or not, she's one of the

  13. Yes I've seen her in the bras! But they still don't show the legs! I mean, have you seen Behati's legs?! Definitely nothing to be covered up! Do you watch the VS shows? I'm hoping Behati and Rachel will be there!

    Well yeah in a way, she was borin in SA but raised in Namibia. So I live in the place she was born in. lol.

  14. Behati's from the same country as me btw. LoL.

  15. Haha yes Behati is so hot I think. VS is always putting crappy clothes on her when she should be in bikinis and underwear! Putting a hot bod to waste like that....

    Do you like Rachel Clark?

    Oh Rosie looks like Charlbi there, which is weird because they look nothing alike! Charlbi's beautiful though! Rosie is also hot!

  16. YaY! You love Behati! She's my second fave. It's so hard to find her fans!

    Is that Charlbi in your profile pic?

  17. I agree with ALOT of your posts! :]

  18. Hey JoeKnight~!!

    Okay you said I could ask you if I needed help on Bellazon! And I need help on Bellazon! LOL!

    How did you get all those things on your 'topics' section on your profile...?

    over here


    Would be great if you could tell me! Thanks!

    Also, what do you think of the Fantasy Bra?

  19. I think it's gonna be great, I just hope there's no more jumping around, blowing kissing to everyone, pointing, pulling faces... CoughAdrianaLimaCough!

  20. Hahaha thank you very much! I think I'm getting pretty used to it though!

    I really really, REALLY cannot wait for this years VS show! Nice thing is, they're having more videos and stuff up on their YouTube page, leading up to the actual show! Do you think it's gonna be good or 2007ish? AKA shit.

  21. Thank you!

    Still very new to it! Hoping to get better at this soon! Hahaha.

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