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  1. I just want to say thanks to everyone posting so many great links, pics and amazing finds on parker! I can't thank you enough. I can't imagine finding the things yall find, and so quick too, so thanks! I appreciate it so much! (;
  2. No, from what I just checked out, theyre not. But thanks so much anyway!
  3. Yeah, haven't gotten one up yet; too busy right now (;

  4. Hi my last post here was to move my topic, but i've changed my mind and was wondering if you could delete the topic. I'm thinking of doing it differently, thank you! http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic17665/Ge...:Find_Her_Shoes
  5. Thanks! Yeah i love it! Wheres yours then eh...

  6. http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic17665/Ge...:Find_Her_Shoes http://www.bellazon.com/main/category39/Girl_Talk
  7. Hi (;

    Just thought I should let you know I'm completely in love with the pictures you have made of Miranda Kerr! Amazing!

  8. Well also, the friends you make during your career could probably only be fiends with you because your in the public eye. Oh and also, after your done being beautiful, you won't have any income.
  9. I completely choose Ashley Kimel. Her pose is amazing, and her face parades mystery. (;
  10. Thanks roxanna, I've never seen the picture with her in white. cute (;
  11. springlove

    Mila Kunis

    If anyone could maybe id the dress she had on, I'd be so excited (; xox
  12. If anyone could reply to this I'd be so grateful (; I'm trying to id actress Isabel Lucas' brown boots I always see her in.
  13. For anyone in search of a babe's (; shoes or can help others find them post here!
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