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  1. who is the blonde girl with her in de Fendi party?
  2. wasnt she an exclusive for Chanel? Great news anyway
  3. she is looking so great. I cant wait to see the final ad
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FabBNSy7sfk...player_embedded 2.14 stunning
  5. She is looking so good Credits to fralovesfashion, from tfs.
  6. she looks so cute ^^. Thats from the lavazza calendar, right?
  7. YEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!! she looks beautiful. Also Isabeli does.! I don't think i like the guy, though... who is he?
  8. She is beautiful Btw, i was wonderwing. why sometimes the videos doesnt appear? i mean, it happens the same to me
  9. ^right, but Isabeli and Rosie arent there, and they are in the cast aswell. Like other girls also. anyway, going to miss her once again
  10. Srsly? I really thought she was going to be there.
  11. http://vsallaccess.victoriassecret.com/201...-the-2010-show/ She is in the video. minute 1.40
  12. El corte ingl├ęs, accesories. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp0ortmjrZQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTMe0vi5EV8&NR=1
  13. He is so cuteee And he sings tooo
  14. ^Thank youu! Here some pics from Fall i found at icanteachyouhowtodoit.com I think those hasnt been post. Im sorry if im mistaken! BTW, has anyone see the new paco rabanne black xs comercial? :yuckky: Bianca was WAAAAAAAAAY better! :persuazn: (And will too)
  15. Oh, Americaaa, tell me if you visit Argentina someday. haha. Or maybe we find ourselves in Australia!

    Cause Im already earning to travel again! :D

  16. i would love to see her more. Any S/S Ad campaings news so far?
  17. I know, shoes havnt been the best this season., =/
  18. thnks girls! Haven't seen THAT bellissima ad before
  19. Yeeeeeeees, just seen the pic at nowfashion She also was @ Emanuel Ungaro
  20. Vogue Paris 90th Anniversary Masquerade Ball
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