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    I liked the movie. I think its the kind that you would have to have a kind of emotional bind to the way the story was played out or just an understanding and open minded person... I know a lot of people who didn't like it as much, but I believe thats due to not being as emotionally connected to the line as my other friend and I were when we went to see it. I liked it because Krsten character helped pull Orlys character through a bad funk and his character grew through out the movie. I can't say Its on my top lists of favorites, but I did enjoy it and the fact that Orlando is in just about every scene has nothing to do with it. I simply liked the way they played most of it out.
  2. She's so pretty, and amazingly cute. Sometimes she can appear much younger then she actually is... But still... I have to say she's great! I'm glad I found this place again
  3. Thank you! I've checked and it is him, thanks again. Adriana is beautiful, but there is just something about Megan that never gets tiring. I think I have to say she is my fave. Edit: ahhh its not him, I can see how you would think that. I thought so too for a bit. Alvaro was in a few other photos with her, but that guy isn't him. -from the pics i posted- Yeah, kind of joined and forgot about it lol. I'm glad I stumbled acrossed it again
  4. I love megan, I think she is absolutly stunning. I prefer her to any other model, Megan just can't look bad in a photo and her eyes just bring me in. Her gaped teeth are adorable and make me love her all the more. I hope she starts modeling again soon, I would love to see some new work from her. If they are re-posts, sorry! Even if they are you can't say you don't enjoy looking at her anyways I was also wondering if anyone could tell me who this guys is? He has modeled with Megan in a lot of her pictures. they look great together in a photo. Both have great eyes, cute freckles and all together amazing features
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