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  1. Bar Refaeli and Rico Mansur: now it's official Finally, Glamurama wrenched Rico Mansur what everyone wanted to know details of the relationship of the entrepreneur with Bar Refaeli. And by the way, the top, ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, has pretty much conquered the guy:She is an amazing person, a special girl.And beautiful, even more inside than outside.Over time I got to know her very well,truly,he said. Rico, who began an affair with a model during a trip to Saint-Tropez in July, also said that the distance between the two hinders a little: "She lives in Israel, so let things roll. But we always talk at MSN and the phone. http://glamurama.uol.com.br/materia_pulsar-30479.aspx
  2. Bar Refaeli in Brazil campaign The dating of Rico Mansur and Bar Refaeli,former girlfriend of actor Leonardo DiCaprio,remains strong.According to the newspaper "O Dia", the entrepreneur and the top will star in an advertising campaign together in Brazil. Lack just hit the caches. Also according to the publication, Rico and Bar spoken daily by the 'messenger'. The affair between them would have started in Saint Tropez, on July 22. http://ego.globo.com/Gente/Noticias/0,,MUL...NHA+JUNTOS.html
  3. Bar Refaeli with Ricardo Mansur in Ibiza? Glamurama discovered the whereabouts of the businessman Rico Mansur, who has been gone from the scene in recent days. He, who canceled the entire agenda of the week, is in Ibiza.it seems that the boy go to Ibiza meet his new love-affair, model Bar Refaeli. http://glamurama.uol.com.br/materia_onde-h...maca-29793.aspx
  4. Lily Allen, Kate Moss , Lila Grace
  5. I don't know her I was looking for news about Bar Refaeli in google and found this: comments: The girl with Bar is Valentina Micchetti, ex TV starlet for about a minute, and she is NOT a 7 or 8... She is FALLING APART ... http://splashnewsonline.celebuzz.com/2008/...smokin-hot.html Write her name in google and you will see that She's the same woman who appears in several photos with Bar
  6. The brunette girl with Bar is Valentina Micchetti
  7. 8 days ago from site I had to go to Dubai for it, but I found the best shoot accessory ever! Personalized LCD pocket fans! (modeled by the ever lovely makeup artist, Ms. Tracy Murphy) http://twitpic.com/photos/mj_day
  8. His name is Ricardo Mansur. Rico is a nickname.
  9. Rico Mansur speaks about Bar Refaeli: "She is very cool" Player, who was in Israel, does not confirm nor deny affair "for now" Rico Mansur spoke with "Quem magazine" on the afternoon of Friday (7) about his alleged affair with a former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio, the Israeli model Bar Refaeli. "So while I did not want to talk much about it. I can say is that we met, she is my friend and very nice even, "he commented. Asked about the relationship of the two would just be friendship, the poloist desconversar preferred. "I will not either confirm nor deny that got together for a while," said Rico, however, confirmed that was passing a season in Israel, home of the model. "Yes I was there, made friends and I loved it. It is an incredible country with a people receptive, open, and like the Brazilians, "ended. Sorry guys, but Bar and Rico are really together. I don't like him,but I Dont believe he is lying. http://revistaquem.globo.com/Revista/Quem/...ITO+BACANA.html
  10. The shooting is located in Dubai. They were taken a few days ago.
  11. Bar Refaeli and Ricardo Mansur together in Brazilian Campaign Beyond the horizon Bar Refaeli, the Israeli model that follows the same steps, including love, the Brazilian Gisele Bündchen, is negotiating with a large national network of women's clothes for your next campaign starring the summer. * The best of history? The brand wants Rico Mansur is the male model, along with Bar Refaeli in the campaign. Will the two will run? PS: google translation http://glamurama.uol.com.br/Materia_alem-d...onte-28721.aspx
  12. Ricardo Mansur confirms affair with Bar Refaeli. Ricardo Mansur spoke exclusively with glamurama and confirmed affair with Bar Refaeli. He said he was in Israel and spent four amazing days there. He said: I found wonderful Tel Aviv, I was delighted with the people, are very receptive, kind, similar to the Brazilians. I hope to return soon. " and about Teddy Sagi: * And the supposed boyfriend of model, Teddy Sagi, an Israeli businessman, one of the richest men in the country? According to a friend right next to Rico, who was with him during the trip, the boy is just a friend who was following the model in France. Teddy would even out to dinner with the Brazilian and Bar Refaeli.
  13. Bar is a incredibly interesting loooking! its amazing! :wub:
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