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  1. Does anyone know who makes the pants that Toni Garrn is wearing in this photo?
  2. I haven't watched the Oscars yet but that pisses me off if they're making jokes about Leo! Even if they are "funny".... not cool. I can't really say until after I watch, though. Leo has a great sense of humor so I'm sure he'll take them in stride.
  3. HAHA that pic is hilarious!!! I really don't think it's Leo, for obvious reasons, and also because the dude in the picture is WAY TOO TAN to be Leo!! Leo is fairly pale..... Hilarious that the guy is wearing a headband like Leo does sometimes, though. How do you know that Nikki is Chuck's significant other? Just wondering how you knew this! Ethan is married to Brandy Lewis, Juliette's sister. Ethan and Juliette are close friends!!
  4. Haha can you imagine that person who awkwardly walks right into him?? What do you say... "Oops, I'm sorry"?? Hilarious.... And I love the other tweet... NBD! No big deal!! I wish we knew what the conversation was!
  5. My bet is that Leo ends up joining his buddies in Vegas very soon!
  6. Thank you, Shine!! Do you know where the picture came from or what photoshoot? I wonder if there is an HQ version of it! I love it!!!
  7. This video was already posted a few pages back, it's a clip of Leo filming the Oppo commercial in Paris, but I'm reposting because..... Does anyone else notice Leo uh... adjusting himself around the 2:00 mark??? Hahahahahaha. Shine, where did you get that pic of Leo you just posted? Is there a plain version of that picture? I saw it as a cover to a magazine but I'd love to see a full size version with no writing/text/pics! It's a great picture of him. As for Leo/Erin... I find it somewhat amusing that they're dating because when I watched the VSFS I was particularly keen on paying attention to the new models because I KNEW that Leo had been to the after party (as he always goes...) and since he's single, was wondering if he'd pick anyone out to chat up. When I saw the images of Erin playing basketball, and they talked about how she was a tomboy, I knew right then that they'd get along and I was hoping that they'd end up dating. No clue how long this one will last for our Leo as she is rather young and he seems ready to settle down and start a family.... but I hope they are very happy together. The pics of him in LA show how much he'd been training with Soa, too... I thought he looked very much in shape! I think working out is a big hobby of Erin's and it's great if Leo joins in that. I also see that he's re-quitting smoking for her as well, as I've noticed the e-cigarettes. Smoking really has gone WAY out of style and it's time for Leo to catch up if he wants to keep chasing after all these younger girls!!!! I'm finally caught up in this thread now, thank god! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.
  8. Hey guys, I've been catching up on this thread (I'm way behind but slowly getting there!) and I had to stop and fill you in in something I noticed there was quite a bit of discussion on.... Leo's green bracelet that he was wearing last month. Well, I can inform you that I know exactly what this bracelet is and why Leo was wearing it... because I have the same one! As you know, 11.11.11 was not only Leo's birthday but also Veteran's Day. The bracelet he was seen wearing all during press is a military tribute bracelet. I have one that was made by Jessica Simpson a couple years ago. Here's a link that describes her inspiration behind the bracelet's design: http://www.examiner.com/entertainment-in-o...-heart-bracelet I know some people were criticizing the bracelet and saying it's ugly, but I have to tell you -- I absolutely love it. Green is my favorite color, especially dark green, and I tend to enjoy jewelry that has more of a "rustic" or even masculine vibe to it, so maybe that's why I've enjoyed this one so much, but of course when I saw Leo wearing it? It makes me love it even more! Haha. Just to give you a little more proof that I know what I'm talking about, here's a couple pictures of mine: I don't think Leo's wearing a Jessica Simpson bracelet, though. In fact, a couple years ago I met an Israeli guy, who didn't speak English very well, but he became very excited/anxious when he saw me wearing the bracelet one day -- demanding to know "who gave it to me". I explained to him what it was and he said that it looked like exactly the kind of bracelet they have in Israel when you serve in the military. So I'm not sure who gave it to Leo or where it originated but one thing is for sure -- it was in honor of all servicemen across the globe! I hope this answers all your questions about the bracelet.
  9. You know, it's really a shame that anyone in today's society would confuse fiction and reality and question Leonardo's sexuality simply based on a movie role he's chosen. J. Edgar was a real human being, with a real sexuality, and that happens to be explored in this film. In my opinion, the public's opinion of his choice of romantic partners is the least of Leo's worries. He's played a gay role before and he's far from homophobic. At this point even if people did think Leo were gay.... who cares? Grow up.
  10. False on its face, the details of the games talk about going from 2007 to 2009, and he was dating Bar then. In fact, during those years, he and Bar actually spent a good amount of time in Vegas, so I think Leo was just really into gambling at that time. And whoever thinks Bar and Leo are going to get back together -- they're not. If you were Bar, would YOU take Leo back after all this? Come on, she has more self-respect than that.
  11. Who is Anna J.?? Also, I think another reason Leo was negotiating with paps is because he was pictured smoking (looks like he took her cigarette and helped himself) -- and according to my sources, Leo was supposed to have quit smoking when he returned from France... supposedly because Blake doesn't like it. But this is def. the first time I've ever heard of Leo negotiating with a pap, for sure. The video is pretty hilarious.
  12. Ya, I heard Leo was going to see the Superman show tonight. :)
  13. Justin isn't recording any music right now and has been publicly stating that he doesn't know when he will be, but not for awhile..... so this is definitely not true. I'm also not sure if Bar would be in a music video at this point in her career but she might, I suppose, if it's an artist like Justin.
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