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  1. Hi!

    Thanks again for invited me to the lovevsmodels forum but I have some problem with registration - I don't know why :( I follow by instruction and I still not get email with confirm my registration. So I've got no permision to the forum - maybe I must wait for email?

  2. Czesc Olga! Swietny avatar! Bardzo mi sie podoba. Z jakiego pokazu to ujecie?

  3. thanks michelabella - I'm happy that you like my avi :) it's my favourite pic with Gisele from Calzedonia campaign.


  4. Hi aadols! Thanks for added me as a friend! A wlasciwie to mozemy pogadac po polsku. Fajnie spotkac na Bellazon'ie kolejna krajanke. ;)pozdrawiam!

  5. you're avi with Gisele is great! I like it very much!

  6. Dziekuje ci za zyczenia urodzinowe i Tobie r

  7. Thanks a lot for a birthsday wishes - it was so sweet! Kisses & huges to you!

  8. Thanks a lot for birthsday wishes!

    Kisses and hugs to you Francy!

  9. Dzięki bardzo za zyczenia!

  10. oh I'm fine too - thanks!:) but i've got a lot on my head now 'cause I started a job after school. It's job for my brother but I treat this very seriously :)

  11. Hi Francy! How are you? Your new avi & set with Isabeli is adorable - I really like it!

  12. Thank you Francy very very much for Easter wishes! It was very nice. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    I like your new avi with Isabeli:)

  13. Any news about Eugenia? Nothing new? It seems like she disappeared - I think it's a big lost to fashion.

  14. your fansite about eugenia is great! i like it very much!

  15. I love your signature with Eugenia!

  16. Czesc OlgaMaria!Fajnie spotkac na forum kolejna osobe z Polski!OMG urodziłas sie 14 maja tak jak ja :) Pozdrawiam!

  17. Anja

    My name is Anna.

    :) And what's your name - Berno or it's nickname?

  18. Anja

    I'm good, thanks. But i'm busy a little now. I have a lot learning :(

  19. Anja

    Hello Berno! How are you?:) Very nice new avatar with Adriana.

  20. Tkanks Francy. I'm glad you like it. :)

    kisses & huges!

  21. i like your set with Isabeli.

  22. i'm ok, thanks!i'm happy about a weekend, cause my good friend'll arrive from Barcelona. I can't wait cause we don't see each other for 6 months. :)

  23. Thanks for added me as a friend!

  24. Hi Sara! How are you?

  25. hi Francy! How are you?

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