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  1. Oh yeahh.. Thanks youuu thanks.. Andrew <3<3<3
  2. YYEAHH He is CUTE <3<3<3 Andrew Cooper <3
  3. Lol nothing but it is not mine but I just wanted to ask if you have not the photos of him by chance because I do not find much to pas__ thank you all ... ANDREW COOPER <3
  4. Excuse me you will not have the original photos please I sought everywhere! MERCII
  5. Totally agree with you CooperIShot! Anyway while he goes to this wonderful guy! lol not worry if t'avait not understand ... and then my translator is not top him either lol
  6. Lol sorry if I translated wrong, but I say shame to see Andrew Cooper all the time in evening dress, you understand? mdr
  7. Photos Great Cooper! So beautiful, but the damage it does almost as photos in costard ... but if his photos wow! Thankss at all for images
  8. yeah thank you very much to you! his pleasure;) Paris and pretty but we will say that I am totally south of the france.En any event I intend to stay here forum good atmosphere, and I thank you'll learn more about Mister Cooper, and thank you for everything pile photos that I could take Beau kid ANDREW : d
  9. A yes even though I was in france, L'Amerique nothing better, I am passionate about basketball nba Lakers Kobe bryant ^ ^ and Loove your country;) thank you for your welcome given his desire to stay on this forum!
  10. Ah CooperIShot lol I love your name!
  11. yepp Thankks Pink~Vanilla
  12. Thanks you Faget for picture yeah cool (l) Andrew Cooper
  13. Thanks Lyon et Mina Merci Model Fetish
  14. Edward Mathieu 21 years, instead Paris (Cergy-Pontoise), a young singer emerging from an issue of tv loser, released his album on July 7, style r'n'b a voice in gold, her album cartonne: I d to discover ... Tu n'est qu'un Gosse -> http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/searc...uun-gosse_music
  15. {name}


    Yepp I love Nâdiya, Nadiya feat Enrique Iglesias Greatt!!!
  16. De rien and thank you <3, published hours yes I hope that is what I think you mean;) yes matinique SS2008
  17. Thank you I thought well lol, super nice thank you CooperIshot, in any case I would be always on the forum;) Thanks for the picture A pictures for the road sorry if it is already:
  18. Hey thanks CooperIshot I love Andrew Cooper Bah just a stupid question which I reflechis since instant: Right or left Andrew Cooper? ps: Great Forum
  19. Sorry but I go to utliser a translator lol Thanks vous two I kiff basketball, it is my sports prefer even though I play of the karate, but me supports the Lakers Kobe Bryant and Tony P <3
  20. Hello tout le monde, I'm french,I love your forum, I am 14 years old, I live in France
  21. Mathieu Edward -> Tu n'est qu'un gosse Aaron Carter?
  22. Heyy GGoood les photos thanks, I'm French, but good pictures
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