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  1. I saw her in a magazine, but found the same picture on the Nexxus site: There are several more (small) pictures of her here: http://hairstyles.nexxus.com/long-hairstyl...real-volume.cfm
  2. I guess it is kind of sad, but whenever you get famous there will always be lovers and haters and neither is afraid to go ahead and say what they think. That is why I think most celebrities who are always in the spotlight must be very strong, secure and have a great self-esteem to be where they are and I admire that. I don't think many average people can say they would be able to let all of those negative comments on their appearance and personality bounce off of them without any harm. I think people are just happy to share their thoughts with other people, even when they are negative ones. I feel as if most people are more interested in negativity anyway. If you look in a newspaper you're not likely to read about how all the smiling little toddlers dressed up as strawberries and fairy princesses had a wonderful time at some Halloween festival... you're more likely to read about car accidents, thefts, murder, kidnapping. Most films, even if they have a happy ending, involve a long struggle to get there. Even when I go to places that are supposed to be about something positive, I find people focusing on the negative. I go to a forum about a singer and all I find are people putting down his or her number one rival. I go in one section for a model and here and there I find comments about that 'other model' never being as good as this one because of her ugly [insert facial feature/body part here]. *Shrugs* I don't know why it happens, but I see it everywhere.
  3. ^ I did have part of your previous post in mind when writing the first paragraph, but it was meant to be taken in general and was not directed towards anyone in particular (didn't see anyone actually throwing tantrums in the thread about non-fans, yet). That is why I did not quote you in the post. I agree with you that if a person spends an large amount of their time obsessing over how much they hate someone they've never even met there is probably something wrong with them, but I don't think there is anything wrong with people who simply don't find that someone attractive. I also concur 100% with what you said about respecting other people's tastes in models. I think it is one thing to disagree, but it is a completely different thing when someone is always talking about how X model is so hideously ugly, has vampire teeth, a witch nose, bat ears, rat's face... or whatever. That is simply rude and disrespectful. Especially if one person went and posted that in the thread that is there for fans of X model.
  4. I don't think anybody needs to be beautiful to be a good model (unless they want to stick to commercial modelling). Even if someone is stunningly beautiful they might not be able to be a model anyway because they are too short, or not thin enough, or not edgy enough. Either way, I don't think their 'not being a model' voids their opinions on beauty. Your own appearance does not affect your preference, after all. Models do have to be talented and have a unique appearance though. I think Gisele definitely has that talent and I have never seen anyone who looks remotely like her. Though when you put a very unique face out there it is always going to be very hit and miss with whether people find that face attractive or not. People either love or hate a unique look. It is the same as certain styles. Take the punk/Gothic look, for example. It's quite unique from other styles and people either love or hate it. You can't say to other people 'You think this style is ugly? What about yours?' because everyone has different tastes and preferences and it is the same when it comes to other people's appearances. That is why I think people are wasting their time when they get their knickers in a twist because somebody else doesn't like their favourite model. You can't force people to change their preferences just because you are offended by them. You should just learn to accept that different people have different opinions and they have as much right to an opinion as you do. When people throw a fit over others not agreeing on how 'super duper beautiful' their favourite model is it reminds me of when my little brother used to throw tantrums as a toddler because I didn't like this one cartoon and he thought he could force me into liking it by screaming about what he liked... even though what he liked about it was exactly what I did not like.
  5. I think I am quite neutral about Gisele. I don't hate her, but don't love her either. I do think she looks masculine because she has a short, flat forehead, a large hooked nose, a square jaw and a long, wide chin. These are classic masculine features. The feminine equivalent is having a larger somewhat rounded forehead, a small slightly upturned nose, a weaker jaw and a short, narrow chin. If you search on google for any kind of beauty study that is what everyone seems to agree on as being feminine and is what most attracts men. I am not saying that makes her ugly, just that she does not have a typical feminine face. Some people will still find her feminine and I do not understand that, but I can understand people finding her beautiful, though only in some pictures. I also think she looks old, but that is probably due to sun damage as someone already mentioned. In the pictures where she is paler and has dark hair I find her more attractive. Not only do I find her face to be masculine, but also her body. I love her legs and abs, but even though she has big breasts, she is not curvy: In nearly all the pictures I have seen where people are saying she is curvy, she is twisting and turning her body to give the illusion of curves. Here you can see she does not have much hips and her waist is hardly defined. I have not seen many videos of her so I do not know what her personality is like, but I can say that when I first heard her voice I realised what her sex appeal was! Her voice was so deep, sultry and sensual that it made her a million times sexier despite what I think just seeing her photos.
  6. I think you have a good point. Everyone is talking about nationality and probably ignoring the fact that there can be different ethnicities in a country that are not 'typical' of that nationality. For example, when people think of Britain they probably imagine a pasty white girl in a tracksuit with fake tan when there are actually many Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern, Black and Asian people who were born there and are therefore British by nationality. Though I am sure plenty of people who have been to Britain did not count them as British because they assumed they were born elsewhere based upon their skin colour. Then again, if we are talking about ethnicity instead of nationality it is a touchy subject because some people have racial preferences and then they get accused of being racist because people assume the races they don't mention are thought of as 'ugly'. For example, one could easily say that the somebody's list is racist because they only list countries where the population is predominantly white. Still, I do not think anything in this thread should be taken as a fact because beauty is a very subjective thing, I don't think anyone here has been to every country in the world (and even if they have, I am sure they have not stayed long enough to see enough women) and all of these posts are only individuals' opinions.
  7. No because... - There are many other attributes other than size that make breasts beautiful (shape, how perky/saggy they are, width, how high/low they are on the chest, space between them, etc.); - Many fake breasts I've seen look too obvious and unnatural (I would not want to take the chance and waste money on breasts that I feel are uglier than my original ones); - You need to have enough money to replace them every few years for the rest of your life (or until you remove them for ever); - There are many risks and side-effects.
  8. Ellen Rocche. Slim yet curvy. Her measurements are 36-22.5-39 in inches and 92-57-100 in centimetres. Some pics: http://vkal.iespana.es/Ellen_Rocche_VIP_Ca...n_123_781lo.jpg http://www.sitioswebcr.com/modelos/erocche/ellen30.jpg http://www.zemu.net/images/ellen-rocche-gu...farkindayim.jpg
  9. I've only ever done it once when I was a kid because my brother was following me around everywhere, pulling stupid faces, making dumb noises, jumping around me, ripping everything out of my hands and throwing it across the room, calling me names and poking me and I had had enough. I had tried everything to get him to stop and that was my last resort. I have never and will never do it to any man again. I agree that kicking anyone in the groin should only be done in self-defence against physical assault. I wonder if anyone here knows what the word 'misandry' means.
  10. The first time, yes. Though as you continue waxing the hairs come out easier and then it does not hurt as much.
  11. I have something very similar. It still takes a hell of a long time and it's easy to miss hairs. I also agree that the hairlessness lasts nowhere near up to 4 weeks. It still leaves your pores all red afterwards for a whole day, too. It is definitely less messier than waxing and maybe a little quicker, but, as with most hair removal methods, it isn't perfect.
  12. I have the same. It is also because many people assume slim = tall. Yet many people who are interested in fashion/models are still brainwashed into thinking all normal and short people have stubby legs and will never look as slim as a 5'10" model. I actually ran my own survey on this with pictures of people with their faces blurred out. There was nothing in the background because people claimed they could tell a person's height from their limbs/waist/breast size/hip size in comparison to their torso (as if normal and short people have body parts that are freakishly out of proportion with the rest of them!). Nobody guessed the correct heights for any of them. They even mistook a 5'3" woman as 5'10" and a 6'4" woman as 5'7"! Just goes to show that normal and short people are no less or more in proportion than taller people! Rumours about more proportion with more height are just that: rumours.
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