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  1. Liika, where were those two black and white posts on page 18 from? Fantastic shoots! Thanks for posting them.
  2. You guys have been busy! I gotta say, his hair looks so much better when it's a little bit on the longer side. Those Pierre Cardin pictures are the best in a long time. Good job everyone! Nice posts.
  3. There are those models that sometimes it's best to avoid their twitters, but not so with Willy Cartier. He's gracious, clever, and pretty much a gentleman to the people that sign on. Go say hi, bounce up his numbers to the next grand, and in turn get little interesting tidbits about a model/actor/dancer with copious class on an amazing ride through the stratosphere and on into the beyond. https://twitter.com/...#!/WillyCartier As an example: Corpus Christi - S/S 2012 - Blind Spot Also Lurve Magazine
  4. Videos: It even has subtitles!
  5. Arena Del Diablo Fashion Film / "Chapter 2: Arena del Diablo". Directed By: Nicolas Valois. Models: Willy Cartier, Daniel Vojtech.
  6. Another ton of Tumblr, etc...
  7. Various pictures, two of which are larger than previously posted (1 without a seam), and a cute baby picture.
  8. The Little Black Jacket project by Karl and Carine. Outside of the main link there is also a good article here about the book.
  9. I found it! Those photos posted earlier are part of a shoot done by Vincent Bousserez for Marilyn Celebrities. Found 'here'.
  10. Old recently found photos of Tuki by Bruce Weber. If I find bigger sizes I'll update.
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