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  1. mina

    yeah, and adding to that, I'm more active on another forum, so I only check in every now and then here ;)

  2. mina

    I'm fine :) Have been a lot of stressful months... or let's say years for me :) new job etc. but it's ok now.

    Hehe, yes, I felt like it's about time for something new and I always loved Isabeli in the commercial!

  3. awww, thank you, Joe :)

  4. Happy Birthday :)

  5. mina

    Thanks so much Lyon :)

  6. mina

    Merry Christmas Lyon :)

  7. mina

    Die auch fr

  8. bei dir bin ich mir da nicht so sicher xD

  9. ach, die Schmach, dass du deine 6000 schneller zusammenkiechst wie ich meine 1000 kann ich wohl grade noch verkraften :)

  10. loool thanks :) Now my next goal is the 1000 xD and I see you're working on your 6000 posts :)

  11. lol ich wusst garnicht dass du auch da bist :)

  12. mina

    Ok :) I need to look out for that anime someday :)

  13. Hey watermelon :) How are you?

    chiva6 told me I should say Hi to all the great old forum members from the Alesandra Ambrosio Official Forum :)

  14. Hey, how are you?

    chiva6 from the AAOF said he misses you and all the other great old forum members :)

  15. mina

    what's the name of that 70's anime?

    Have a nice day :)

  16. mina

    and you? Did you watched any new anime stuff lately?

  17. mina

    ahhh, no I haven't watched any tv lately... I'm busy cause I got a new job and I'm tired when I come home :)

  18. Glad you like my set :) I just came across those Iza pics and I had to make a set out of them :)

    I love your little video ava too :) Iza's so gorgeous in the GQ backstage video :)

  19. mina

    No... I haven't received anything yet :(

  20. mina

    Oh I can't wait to get the link :)

  21. mina

    yes japanese animes are great lol especially Sailor Moon xD hahaha the japanese voices were so hilarious xD

  22. mina

    Me too, me too. I miss them too... but I have a lot of them on CD so it's not so bad xD and a lot of them can be watched onyoutube, which is cool xD I was so happy when I saw Lady Oscar in germanon youtube :)

  23. mina

    ahhhh Sailor Moon is great :) much better than this crap of today :)

    But I always liked the old animes way better

  24. mina

    ahh, ok... I thought I would know the anime lol but I don't...

    My favorite is Sailor Moon xD it's quite oldbut I still love it xD that's where I got my nickname mina from :)

  25. mina

    Hey Lyoni :)

    How are you doing?

    Which anime is that on your avatar?

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