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  1. They've done it to Adriana in 2008 and KK in 2010 also. KK in 2010 was especially horrible, she looked like she fell in orange paint!
  2. What second opening? Ale only opened the 2009 show! And she did her best with that horrible outfit and the stupid V-shaped runway!
  3. Maud and her failed attempt to... what is this? A smile?
  4. So it's hard to choose between 2 amazing outfits and a crappy outfit? I don't think she ment it like that. I think it just literally means she's got 2 outfits! #CandiceReturnstoPink
  5. +1 I love it and I think Bee is perfect for the Boho segment, I hope Dri, Ale, Bee, Candice and Elsa all walk Boho, it seems the perfect segment for them True, especially Ale would be perfect.
  6. What's so horrible about Behati's outfit? I think it's cute.
  7. I love that darker hair on Ale. Her outfit is beautiful. She looks great!
  8. Stella in Pink too? #AngelsforPink
  9. No way. The FB is in Fireworks so Lily will close or open. Only because she wears the FB doesn't mean she automaticly will open or close a segment. We had multiple FS's that were presented in the middle of sections
  10. Oh right. Adriana didn't walk with Justin. I somehow was thinking about that backstage clip of her wanting to walk with Justin, that they showed inbetween the segments
  11. From the article that showed Adrianas fitting: Someone needs to do better research. Adrianas first year opening was 2003. She only opened a segment in 2006 with Justin. The next show she opened was 2007 and Justin Timberlake didn't perform there.
  12. Yes I remember. I thought she's gonna grab a microphone and starts giving a sprech, like she just won an Oscar. Really out of place and crinch worthy.
  13. I don't think they will stick Devon in Pink, at least I hope not. She walked only mainline before, so I really hope they don't start putting her into Pink!
  14. If this really is the opening outfit, I actually don't want Adriana to open the show. For once she deserves a decent outfit. Her luck in the recent years with nice outfits was next to none. Her Parisian NIghts oufit was great, but other than that you have to go a few years back to find another good one, that is not hideous oder very ill fitting.
  15. For Alessandra she really had her extreme primetime in 2005 and 2006. In 2007 her weird blondish hair made her look way too old.
  16. Isabeli has decided to stop walking? Oh, I didn't know that. Sad, but she had a great run with VS, walking their shows since 2003!
  17. Lol no, here in Germany up until a few years ago, we didn't celebrate Halloween at all!
  18. VS doesn't care if you can walk or not... remember the Rabbit walk of Jessica White in 2007? Or Marisa Millers first years of walking the show?
  19. It could just be normal promotion for the show, since Lily is one of their best spokesmodels, with English being her first language? Who knows, we will find out on monday for sure, I hope!
  20. I think it's quite refreshing to see so many new models. In 2005 they also had a huge chunk of newbies walk the show and it was great. Maybe some of them will turn out great!
  21. IDK I'd say Jessica White's elephant parade down the 2007 runway takes that cake.
  22. Barbara's bellybutton gives me the creeps >.< They hopefully cover it up for the show.
  23. How can you guys make any of the words out in the picture lol? For me it's just all blurry. I couldn't even guess. You guys are awesome!
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