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  1. That's an interesting vid. I've actually never heard her speak.
  2. Another shoot for Blush Lingerie Love the eyes. UHQ /monthly_11_2008/post-20785-0-1593891726-58354_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="blush02.jpg"> /monthly_11_2008/post-20785-0-1593891726-69618_thumb.jpg" class="ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed" alt="blush10.jpg"> Creds to Mugo @ usemycomputer
  3. Love those VS backstage photos. Thanks!
  4. Candice was one of my favourites this year
  5. The first one looks like Rotem Sela. http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic11639/Models:Rotem_Sela Can anyone confirm that?
  6. From the Poko Pano website. http://www.pokopano.com.br/ And the model from my avatar is Valeria Erokhina.
  7. kokiri

    Monica Bellucci

    Those are beautiful. Thanks.
  8. She looks great in those. Thanks.
  9. Heya, does anyone know who this model is? These are from a shoot for Poko Pano swimwear - Summer 2009 collection. Thanks in advance!
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